• Release Notes

New Release: v8.9.0.0 | January 30th, 2024

These notes will be finalized with the release along with any associated KBs and Videos referenced. The anticipated release day is January 30th, 2024.


    • Workflow emails are now sent to all listed workflow participants that share the same “Order of Action.”
    • .DOCX files can now be compiled into the PDF via Print with Attachments.
    • Calendar controls have been updated throughout the site.

Cost Management

    • Multiple Contract Event Cost Items can be pushed into a Commitment Event when the same Subcontractor is applied. Logo

Project Management


    • The Location field within Agendas has been increased from 50 characters to 255 characters. This fixes an error when creating an Agenda from a Meeting when the Meeting has a location longer than 50 characters.



    • When using the multiple document uploader, all document fields can be edited on a per document basis. Logo


Sent Email Report

    • The Sent Email Report can be filtered according to the email’s Category.
    • When the Sent Email Report is filtered to “Transmittal” emails, an additional filter is shown for the Transmittal’s Item Type.

Scheduled Reports

    • Cost Event scheduled reports will now filter according to the filters assigned during the schedule’s creation.

New Mobile Release: v3.2.3 | July 24th, 2023


    • File names with spaces can now be uploaded.

Project Management

    • RFIs and Issues now sort according to Open/Closed status.
    • Punch Lists and RFIs sent from mobile will now capture an activity in the Activity Log.
    • Creating new folders from the mobile app now records an activity in the Activity Log.
    • RFI and Issue creation activities have been updated to include more detail.


    • Uploading documents from the mobile app now records an activity in the Activity Log.

v8.8.8 | October 5th, 2023

  • The Sync Queue grid has been updated with several new controls. Multiple projects can be selected at once; a “select all” checkbox has been added; the grid can be expanded to 100 or All entries; grid persistence settings have been added; the full queue can be cleared with the Remove ALL button; Organization Admins can now remove projects from the sync queue.
  • A bug with uploading Project Logos has been fixed.
  • Project Adjustment Markups are now marked in red, which shows that they cannot be modified.
  • Cost Event Markups now recalculate the percent or dollar fields when modified. If the markup allocation fields are modified, the percent field will appear blank.
  • The Extras field is correctly applied when importing Cost Event Items from Excel.
  • Importing Cost Event Items now record activities in the Activity Log.
  • All Discussions can now be deleted by Project Admins, and users are able to delete Discussions they create.
  • A loading animation has been added to assist Bidders in navigating to Bid Packages. Bidders will see an animation while loading a Bid Package through My Bid Packages.
  • A timeout issue has been resolved when exporting the Bid Package Report to CSV with filters applied.
  • The Address Book API endpoint has been added.
  • The Cost Event Markups API endpoint has been added.
  • The Transactions API endpoint has been added to bring in detailed transaction costs.
  • Bidders can now be imported into Bid Packages through the API.

v8.8.7 | August 9th, 2023

  • Location Logos can now be uploaded and displayed on printed reports.
  • Submittal Packages can now be moved using the Move Selected control.
  • Two new actions are now recorded in the Activity Log: uploading attachments to Submittal Packages or Submittal Items.
  • A file upload is required to save a new Document item.
  • The Project Members by Organization API has been added.
  • Four Pencil Draw APIs have been added: Contract or Commitment, in both Summary and Detail.
  • Many small issues with the Bid Package report have been resolved. This includes a timeout when printing, the Status filter not properly applying to prints, the Folder filter not populating any folders, and incorrect application of the Number filter to prints.

v8.8.6 | July 26th, 2023

  • Project Members can now be created from the User Selection Tool.
  • Commitment Pencil Draw prints now include Attachments. Attachments marked as Private will not be printed.
  • A loading GIF has been added when preparing documents to download.
  • Two new APIs have been added: Bid Packages Summary and Bid Packages Detail.
  • Bidders which are imported using the Import from Excel function are properly sent ITB emails.

v8.8.5 | June 29th, 2023

  • Users from Deleted Companies no longer show in the User Selection tool.
  • Company Qualifications will now track and display both when and who last edited the qualifications.
  • The “Accounting Reviewer” permission has been added, which gives a user the ability to Release Cost Events to Accounting.
  • Pencil Draw prints now include Attachments.
  • The Submittal Quick Reply screen now includes Referenced Documents and Folders.
  • The Submittal Package grid is now properly sorted by Submittal Number.
  • Uploading duplicate documents will now display a warning prompt.

v8.8.4 | May 15th, 2023

  • Image editing popups have been increased in size.
  • User Request: Attachments are now carried forward into Processed Cost Events.
  • Permissions within the Pencil Draw section have been updated to be more consistent.
  • User Request: The Meeting Minutes Item Type was added to the Transmittal’s type list.
  • User Request: The Resubmittal Due Date is now calculated based on Project Defaults when manually returning Submittal Items.
  • User Request: The RFIs page has been reworked to collapse the Answer section by default.
  • Time Sheets can now be imported from Excel.
  • We have begun implementing a parallel folder structure in our services which allows for faster synchronization with StratusDrive. This will be improving both mobile and web services in speed and consistency. In addition, actions in StratusDrive will be recorded in the Activity Log.

v8.8.3 | March 15th, 2023

  • The User Group Report now names files exported to Excel as “UserGroupReport.xls”
  • Permissions can now be assigned to Pencil Draws overall and according to Contract or Commitment.
  • Subfolder Grids now use the Sort Order to control the default sorting, and this is shown in the new Sort column. Additionally, these grids now allow sorting by the folder’s name. These grids are located throughout the site, primarily in Project Management modules.

v8.8.6 | July 26th, 2023

  • Org Admins do not need to be a listed Project Member to view any Projects on their Org.
  • The Project Members section includes the Project Member’s cell phone number.
  • The Activity Log now captures mobile app activities with more detail.
  • Folders with an applied sort order in the StratusVue site will now display in that sort order within the Mobile App.
  • All Project Management Modules now include a Download All button for attachments.
  • A StratusDrive loading symbol has been included when requesting files in the background.
  • Project Management items, such as RFIs and Issues, can be created directly from StratusDrive files by holding down on the document. The relevant document will be referenced in the created item.

v8.8.2 | Feburary 16th, 2023

  • The Project Sponsor Role has been deprecated from the system. All person profiles that were assigned the default User Role of Project Sponsor have been updated to the very limited subcontractor role. This did not affect existing project permissions. 
  • The Project Assistant Role is here! The Project Assistant role is a role that grants read, write, and read all to all Project Module Sections with No Cost Management Module Access! Logo 
  • The Owner and Architect status within Contract Events has been updated to only reset when the “Clear Status” button is used. 
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Phase 2 of Time Sheets is here! Time Cards can now identify double time and second shift work. The employee dropdown has also been updated to be only populated with the Organization’s employees, and the cost code dropdown now only shows the labor cost codes available to the project. Logo  
  • The meeting agenda’s invitees grid has been updated to include the invitee’s employed by company. 
  • In the continual effort to improve the User Experience, we are hiding the Events and Messages section while we create a new, amazing module. 
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Redundant Folder and Document editing buttons were removed. Logo 
  • Folders and Files can now be selected together and downloaded from the documents grids. 
  • Increased the character limit for Bid Package Project Names to 256 characters. Logo
  • Release to Accounting activities have been updated with more detail. 
  • Bid Package Message activities have been updated with more detail.
  • Resolved Error when filtering to a sub-group.
  • Resolved loading screen issue within Cost Event Scheduled Reports.
  • Enhancement request allows the Bid Package Report to be filtered for bid package numbers that contain the # symbol. 
  • The API for Commitment Details is now available. 

v8.8.1 | January 13th, 2023

  • The Organization-level Activity Log was refreshed. 
  • The System-level Activity Log now populates the Organization column
  • Multiple items can be deleted at once within Submittal Packages (Submittal Items and Attachments)  
  • Meeting Attendee and Agenda Invite Emails now have links to download a PDF print of the associated report. 
  • Addendum wording was removed from Document Revisions for consistency. Logo  
  • The Bid Package Message Grid has been updated. Logo

v8.8.0 | December 7th, 2022

  • PCO Originating Item Name Updated for Naming consistency from "Open Issue" to "Issue"
  • The Organization level activity log grid has been updated to show organization for multiple tenant customers.
  • The links within the Commitment transmittal have been improved to allow download/print only from the transmittal for Users with Read-only permission.
  • For Customers that Utilize the submittal Item attachments these will be included in the Transmittal Email and print, in order and preceded by the item cover sheet.
  • For our standalone customers we are updating the Import for Contracts and Estimates.  We have hidden the excel import button while this is being updated, manual creation is still available.
  • USER FEATURE: For clients with multiple labor allocation categories, the User can choose for the Project, which Category to use in the Forecast roll-up display
  • USER FEATURE: Users can approve/process one to many change events from the change event grid that are in the pending and/or approved status.  Upon processing any pending items will be approved.
  • Users Can now Sort Commitment Dropdown on Commitment Events alphabetically
  • USER FEATURE: The Commitment Module has been updated to allow quick navigation in 3 new spots.  1 – Within the commitment each commitment line item will expand to show relevant change events with links, 2 – The Commitment CE Has a link back to the Commitment at the top and 3 – If the Commitment CE line item was created by a Contract CE there is a link back to the Contract CE

v8.7.6 | August 22nd, 2022

  • The Project Dashboard section now includes breadcrumbs to navigate back to the project home screen.
  • Introducing the New PDF Compiler (Print with Attachments) - Second Phase. Additional Print with Attachments buttons have been updated to use the new PDF compiler. Please check out the updated solutions page: Logo
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Scheduled Reports can now start and stop within 30 days.
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: StratusDrive is not an available section within the Documents Report.
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: The Cost Events Report now only shows Cost Events Types that are turned on for the Project's Organization.

v8.7.5 | August 1st, 2022

  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Org Admins now have the ability to delete synchronized Commitments! As a reminder, deleting from the StratusVue Website does not delete over the connectors. For Sage 300 integrations, the commitment will synchronize back if it has not been deleted from 300. 
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: The Commitment Adjusted Days and Total Commitment Days in the Commitment will show Approved Commitment Change EventsLogo
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Users with access to List Management (Org and Project Level) can update Contract Types to be more specific to the vendor scopeLogo
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: The diversity report has been updated. The grid includes more information on the CSI codes for a User, more qualifications and the State and Zip filters have been updated
  • Issues can no longer be created without a listed To user
  • Added StratusDrive to Document Reference Tool for when referencing documents into project items
  • Updates to the Bidder Status Report and Document Saving grids for consistency
  • The Activity Log has been updated to capture when attachments are included to a Daily Log and when Users are Removed from User Groups
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Phase 1 of updating the PDF Compiler is in! You can now include MS Word files and Form Fillable PDF files into the PDF print when printing from Project Management grids. Additionally, attachments that are not compatible for compiling will be noted within the print with the reason (such as Security enabled or hidden Meta Data, non-compatible file). Please refer to the KB for more details:Logo

v8.7.4 | June 1st, 2022

  • In our continual strive for improvement, we have updated the default permissions assigned to User Roles within the site to reflect the user’s use of the site. For more details regarding the new permissions, please review our Site and Project User Roles Knowledge Base Article 
  • It is with great excitement that we announce the release of the Sent Email Report at the Project Level. Project Admins now have access to the Sent Email Report within the Reports section. Please check out our Knowledge Base Article on the Project Sent Email Report 

v8.7.3 | April 13th, 2022

  • Emailing within the system asynchronous for quicker return to entry

v8.7.2 | March 24th, 2022

  • Organization level Diversity Report update with search criteria

v8.7.1 | February 23rd, 2022

  • Processing to ICO removes the Mark-ups associated
  • A new field was added to the Print Contract PayApp Dataset for PriorMaterial

v8.7.0 | January 21st, 2022

  • Within Issue and RFI replies Users will only be allowed to delete their own responses
  • The Project Management timesheet information is now accessible through the API excel for your Organization. If you already have purchased the Excel spreadsheet this information can be added for 0. If you are interested in purchasing the API excel to get access to organizational level information it is available for 00 please call Support for more information.
  • For organizations that have upgraded to the new 20.5 version of Sage - the corresponding connector can be found within the integrations setup
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: RFI paragraph spacing within the question, response and answer boxes are mimicked in the print.
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Get ready to take complete control of your attachments. After uploading your attachments to the item, you can determine the sort order for printing AND!! choose what attachments should be included by choosing public (print) or Private (don't print).
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: When the previous complete, including the approved change values, is 100% you can click the release retention button to automatically release the total retained balance to the current retained amount.
  • Workflow Email Link now takes you back to the item and allows attachment review and inclusion.
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Add Reference Documents to Cost Management items in Estimate Info, Contract Info, and Summary Info
  • Reference Documents selection tool has been enhanced to include the number and description for better identification
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: The Organization Diversity Report includes an excel export, print as well as added functionality to search by Division and location.
  • On the Cost Report, the refresh and reset buttons will update the data or return the filters to the original setting respectively

v8.6.3 | September 16th, 2021

  • The Session Time-Out Warning message has been updated for a better User experience.
  • The site download experience, including the download grid and zip file technology, has been updated for a more consistent user friendly experience.
  • When using the Print with Attachments option within an item, Microsoft Word Documents (.docx) will now compile into the PDF print.
  • We have increased the 2FA functionality for the User to use Google, Microsoft, or Duo Authenticator apps. We have also added the ability to email your code, when email is not the default selection.
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: We are now including a Contract Change Event Line Item Import for those users who have a program that exports estimate changes for Sage. Users will be able to import new change event line items based off our import template. If you need help with converting your export to our import standard, please contact support for help.
  • The Cost Management Summary Info Gear calculations and sizes have been modified to provide better information on project financials.
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: The document section and Bid Package download option has been simplified to one button in the upper ribbon, reducing clicks and clarifying intent.
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: The Diversity Report filters, grid, exports and prints have been updated to assist Users in finding their Organization input qualifications for possible Bid Package usage. If you don't have bid packages, please contact support for more information.

v8.6.2 | July 23rd, 2021

  • Red text error when selecting save on a new Contact or User when outside of a Bid Package (Site and Project Level).
  • The Project Permission assignment grid has been updated to allow for future upgrades in User Experience, such as multi Permission select.
  • The Project Permission Pencil Draw assignment has been renamed to Pencil Draws and updated to allow for better control of who can see or not see the link.
  • 2FA cookie handling has been updated for users that use multiple logins.
  • The attachment pop-up window has been updated to automatically center wen displayed for Change Events.
  • Expediting Log Import has been updated to not fault when multiple session tabs are open, and a new expediting log import is attempted.
  • Bid Received checkmark has been updated to reflect the User input after any Update or Save
  • The Submittal Package report filtering has been update to include the List Management Submittal Alias names.

v8.6.1 | May 26th, 2021

  • NEW FEATURE: Two Form Authentication (2FA) has been updated for users to be able to select the preferred way to receive the activation code: via text or email. This can be completed from the user's "My Profile". Additionally, Organizations can now also set 2FA validation at a Location Level within their Organization. This will allow Users who are not associated with a 2FA enabled location, a normal login experience.
  • The Advanced Copy function of creating a new project has been updated to include Meeting and Meeting Minute Attachments into the newly created project.
  • Location creation functionality has been updated, for Org Admins.
  • Project Defaults: Add-ons, Overhead, Markup & Fees Setup grid header Contract Item formatting has been updated.
  • When Void and Revise is used on a Contract Event with markup to the Contract Item, the adjusting line items remain hidden and the revised copy is an exact duplicate of the original voided Contract Event.
  • The Activity Log has been updated to include: RFI discussion post deletions, the addition of CC's to RFIs, records the Users that receive RFIs that are Forwarded to a Third Party and an improved description for submittal item activity.
  • The reference document "Attach Button" functionality has been updated to not rely on browser presentation for better regularity, with this change comes a new presentation of how to reference documents.
  • The email notification sent to the Responsible Estimator/Assistant, when a Bidder responds, now includes the attachment title and filename for quick reference.
  • StratusDrive speed for folder and file presentation within the Documents module of the site has been improved for consistency.
  • The Reporting API has been updated to include organizational Pencil Draw data from the Contract Pencil Draw Summary, Contract Pencil Draw Detail, Commitment Pencil Draw Summary and Commitment Pencil Draw Detail section from within Pencil Draw section. Please contact Support for more information.
  • The Project Dashboard has been moved from the navigation tree to the project setup section of each project. This will allow ease of access to project admins with permissions to the report.

v8.6.0 | April 15th, 2021

  • NEW FEATURE: For our Organizations which perform Federal and secure work we have introduced Two Form Authentication (2FA). 2FA, is an option that your Organizations can choose to include which will require all internal and external users to utilize a passcode to login, download and update their bids to be DFARS and NIST Compliant. To learn more you can refer to our online Solution or Quick Video.
  • NEW FEATURE: We are introducing Time Tracking into our site with this release. Time Tracking will allow for your team to create a time sheet to track your internal employees against a project costcode with a duration, note and overtime check. To learn more you can refer to our online Solution or Quick Video.
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Inclusion of App Store QR Codes for Mobile App to make downloading quick and direct for Collaborators
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: In Project Management, if the required information is input and an attachment is uploaded, prior to saving the item, the action of uploading will save the input reducing an additional step.
  • The permissions assignment code has been updated to regressively update into nth folder structures. Specifically, within the StratusDrive Folders when Copying permissions
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Within Commitments and Contract/Commitment Change Events, you can reference the Documents section or StratusDrive and transmit those files out to your collaborators.
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: When a Contract header Quick Add (QA) is used as a placeholder within 1 to many change events, and one of those Change events updates that placeholder to a real QA, a new checkbox allows you to create a new QA so the other placeholder QA(s) remain. Please refer to our online Solution for more information.
  • The deletion of the project default Mark-ups will no longer change those related mark-ups from previously synchronized Change Events.
  • The code has been updated to remove deleted Change event Header Quick Adds from the Selection dropdown and Contract Info, if it is not referenced anywhere else.
  • Adding and removing Referenced Files has been standardized in each section by adding grids to the bottom of the section item. The upper ribbon bar has been updated for consistency as well.
  • The code has been updated to not alert the User if a deleted cost event line item has a blank costcode or Commitment line item
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Transmittal Emails have been updated to include Referenced folders and Files into the zip folder links
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: RFI renumbering accepts alpha, numeric or alphanumeric input.
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: The Print with Attachments print out has been optimized to reduce file size by more than 10x for more efficient local storage.
  • Updated the Expediting Log to Submittal Conversion to allow for non-existent CSI codes in project list management

v8.5.11.1 | February 10th, 2021

  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Updated the Email Templates for the RFI and Transmittal to include direct links to download the attachments, specifically referenced folders. Users can download individual items or a complete zip, no more need to flatten, remove security or metadata because emails are not combining the Item with the Attachments.
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Transmittal Grid Added Column: From Field
  • Report Recordset - Customer Custom Request - Commitment and Commitment PO Field inclusion of Vendor Contact
  • Report Recordset - Customer Custom Request - Project Progress Report Recordset Requests
  • Report Recordset - Customer Custom Request - Cost events items reports include summarized from COR
  • UI Design: Project Defaults Cost Management Costcode Mark Up removed from note
  • UI Design: Bid Management - Bidder Award change the button to read make project member
  • UI Design: Typo in "Contact Us" Page
  • UI Design: Missing Punctuation in Setup Integrations Sentence
  • UI Design: Changed the Video Learning Button Wording to Learning Resources to match the Website destination
  • Updated the TBD option to return "To Be Determined" for contract event types to for single and multiple entry in change management

v8.5.11 | January 25th, 2021

  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: In project defaults, next to the RFI and Submittal default return days, include a checkbox to make calendar days versus the default business days
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Email Templates for the RFI and Transmittal have been updated to include direct links to download the attachments. Users can download individual items or a complete zip, no more need to flatten, remove security or metadata because emails are not combining the Item with the Attachments.
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: "My Activity Log" has been updated to include visuals with drill down capabilities to take you straight to the item you want to find.
  • The Sort Order for the Commitment Line item dropdown has been updated to Sort by Contract line then Costcode
  • USER FEATURE REQUEST: Daily Log - Include Units Installed at the Daily Log Header, with text description, to track daily production
  • Commitment Cost Event Report updated to filter by subcontractor
  • RFI Forward button throws error because the From is blank when an RFI is sent to someone that is not part of their Org - From Box will remain when the RFI was crated from someone outside your Organization to maintain Dexterity
  • Commitment Transmittal links had the potential to throw a 403 error - this has been eradicated
  • Contract Info Displaying Commitment Change Order Approved amounts - It was possible a unique Commitment change order ID aligned with a Contract line item unique id which would present the data in the Contract Info, all affected parties were contacted - Join updated.
  • Submittal Detail Report/Expediting Log Report and RFI Report: Days in Review & Days Overdue equations updated

v8.5.10 | November 16th, 2020

  • Remove Reference to Project Role after project member in drop down menus
  • Email Footers have been updated to complete step 2 of 4. The next release will include the Body being able to be customized and the final step is to bring the customizations to the Org level.
  • Commitment Cost Event Commitment Line dropdown includes the Extra to be able to differentiate between itemsFrom the Users
  • We allow zero cost Items and zero cost Contract Change Events
  • Contract Mark Up up[dated to follow when Change events are processed
  • Contract Quick Adds Linked items are being updated when the Change Order is being updated
  • User Feature Request: Commitment number added to the Commitment Change Event Grid
  • User Feature Request: Ability to Delete Multiple Items and Attachments in a Submittal Package
  • Print all Items with Attachments function is not including Attachments when printing all RFIs
  • Submittal Quick Reply Link updated so will not go to the login screen

v8.5.9 | November 2nd, 2020

  • The Activity log now captures when a Pencil Draw line item has been edited or changed 
  • From the Users Poll:Org Admins can Hide, what used to be Mandatory, Contract and Commitment Change Event Types
  • Forecast verbiage change in Forecasting for the Actual % Complete Column, it is now, % of Estimate Used
  • Forecast Summary Info tab has locked in the information outside of the dynamic forecast information to provide a margin estimate against the time the forecast was created
  • Commitment Transmittals now include the Commitment Attachments whether Referenced or attached
  • Referenced Documents are now included in the Quick Reply form for the user to reference and download.
  • Submittals now allow submittal item attachments to be attached to the Transmittal 
  • RFI Quick-Reply: CC's are not printing on the email notification when QR is used to reply to the RFI
  • Referenced Documents have been added to the Pencil Draw Section, this includes referencing StratusDrive
  • Contract info Detail report now shows the Contract Change Orders tied to the Contract Line Item
  • The Bid Package report has removed the presorted CSI to allow the User input sorting within the report filter screen
  • Bring up Phone Emailing interface For Documents Email and provide Project member list
  • Bring up Phone Emailing interface For Punchlist
  • Bring up Phone Emailing interface For Issues
  • Bring up Phone Emailing interface For RFIs
  • Bring up Phone Emailing interface For Daily Log
  • Mobile App: Punchlist Email 2nd Option
  • Mobile App: Creating RFI from Documents to include only most current version not all versions
  • Activity Log Record - Mobile App - Daily Log activities

v8.5.8|September 28, 2020

  • With the update of your connector form the Organization Setup Integrations, projects that are flagged as Project Management Projects can now pass units within Commitment Change Orders.
  • From the Users Poll:The first step in Organization Admins being able to customize their Organization Emails has been put into place. All of the emails have been lifted from the code and put into the database. There are two more releases that will be required before the Org Admin will be able to fully customize their emails. The next release for this will include the Org Admin being able to edit the Email footers.
  • Users can now export into excel from the Project Members section.
  • Within "My Dashboards" - only My Schedules is displayed in preparation for the Power Bi visuals.
  • From the Users Poll:Users can now create unlimited circular Mark-ups.
  • From the Users Poll:Users have the opportunity to assign a Contract Item directly to mark-ups for things such as assignment of contingency.
  • From the Users Poll:Users can now pull other approved change events into a Change Order using the "Process From" button. The existing method of pushing Change Events, "Processing" is still available.
  • Users can now enter and pass a unit cost of greater than one million.
  • From the Users Poll:Project Admins now have the ability to delete non-sync'd change events.
  • Only users of your Organization will have access to the Internal Change Orders. This was done to limit any chance of accidentally allowing access to outside team members.
  • Cost Management Change Event Mark-ups can be entered and displayed in three digit precision.
  • Open Issues has been renamed to Issues.
  • Total Lead Time is a calculated field in Expediting Logs, therefore we have removed the option to import that field from the excel import. A note on the Import page has been included for clarification.
  • Project Setup - Project Members - Users can copy StratusDrive User Permissions from one user to another using the same process already in place.
  • When utilizing StratusLlink from Documents or StratusDrive, After choosing the process to bind or separate linked sheets, a confirmation Email will be sent to the requester of the linking. From the email the User will be able to review and approve the links created. After acceptance a second email will be created to confirm that the drawings are ready for review.

v8.5.7.2|August 26, 2020

  • We have added a Commitment Merge Tool within Commitment Info so if the Commitment should be duplicated in Sage and SCPC you can merge the 2 and retain attachments and mapping
  • Pencil Draw now shows both this period retention and the total retention held
  • In Project Defaults > Info Tab Auto CC has been included to send a Notification to the second person listed in the dropdown
  • The RFI Report can now be downloaded in a CSV file

v8.5.7.1|August 18, 2020

  • Pencil Draw Column F- Has been included into the Pencil Draw for the inclusion of Stored Materials
  • Open Issues - The send email functionality has been added to the Open Issues, similar to the RFI, so you can choose when to send the item.
  • Punchlist - The send email functionality has been added to the Punch List, similar to the RFI, so you can choose when to send the item.
  • StratusDrive - User Added to StratusDrive Project when selecting "Add User" from Site. Project Admin Roles will automatically assume full rights to StrratusDrive Folders and files in StratusDrive. Any other User role, the Permissions will need to be set from the site
  • StratusDrive - "Remove User" button removes the User from the StratusDrive Project and all affiliated permissions

v8.5.7|August 3, 2020

  • Pencil Draw - Users can now reduce their previous retainage by entering negative values into the Current Period Retainage column.
  • Pencil Draw - Users can enter negative amounts into the Current Amount column if the Original Value was added to the Contract and a deductive change order was added within the system.
  • Commitments - Users can add attachments when the Commitment is created versus having to come back into the existing commitment.
  • Open Issues - The send email functionality has been added to the Punch List and Open Issues, similar to the RFI, so you can choose when to send the item.
  • Daily Logs - A read only version of the Daily Logs has been incorporated into the site.
  • StratusDrive - PDF Lock improved, when a PDF is locked by a shared user upon opening, the lock remains as long as the file is opened even if released by the locking user to reduce possible corruption.
  • StratusDrive - Connectivity and sleep recovery updated which will improve file uploads continuing, which were broken by sleep or loss of internet.
  • StratusDrive - Project Bar opens the Windows file explorer program to the project which was selected in the project bar.
  • StratusDrive - A second messaging server was added to improve the speed of the messaging, which means the team messaging will happen quicker and the upload of the file to the cloud will also improve.
  • Reports - New Reconciliation reports have been added to the list of Org Reports. These logs provide a list of items that have any differences between the site based Approved Change Management. column and the Accounting Approved column. The List of reconciliation Reports are:
  • Reports - Clicking on the Commitment hyperlink within the Commitment Reconciliation Report takes a User, with permission to the Commitment Module, directly to the Commitment.
  • My Tasks has been relabeled to My Activity Log for clarity - The intent of the My Activity Log is to show all of the things that you have been included. My Tasks will be in a subsequent release which will specifically show the items that you are responsible for completing.
  • The Sage 300 version 20 connector has been added to the setup integrations for the users who have upgraded to the newest version of Sage 300 CRE.

v8.5.6|June 16th, 2020

  • "Add User" was updated to include the User in The StratusDrive Organization of the Project.
  • Project Admins will automatically have access to all folders within the project.
  • All other Roles will need to use the project permissions to gain access.
  • "Remove User" removes the user from the StratusDrive project.
  • Folder loading speed was improved.
  • Updated the item link within the transmittal to be a clickable link providing access to the item(s) that were included within the transmittal.
  • Quick Reply has been simplified by removing the "Save" option. When "Post Reply" is utilized a pop-up confirmation tells the user that it was successfully transferred.

v8.5.5|April, 21 2020

  • Giving someone Read All Permission to a Submittals section will allow the User, with this permission, to have read only access to all the submittal package items as well.
  • We are going to take the next 3 releases to focus on speed.
  • Updated the Estimate Detail and Costcode Overview Detail report.
  • My Bid Packages lists the TBD projects at the end of the listing.
  • Added the Waiting horizontal blocks when you add Users to StratusDrive.
  • Added a Transmit Button in the StratusDrive Upper Ribbon so you can transmit files and folders directly from StratusDrive.
  • Users can assign folder permission to all subfolders pat the first Subfolder.
  • We have introduced advanced copying, Which means you have the option to copy the structure and files of Meetings within the template project when you are creating the new project.

v8.5.4|March, 23 2020

  • The Organization Report - The User Group Report has been updated to find users with certain qualifications.
  • The Activity Log now records when a file is deleted from the document grid.
  • Void and Revise has been updated to bring over cost-code quick adds into the newly revised change event.
  • ICO Mark-ups are not listed, as expected, even when markups are included in the project default.
  • You can now edit multiple cost event lines within a change event.
  • Sending an Invitation to Bid has been streamlined to only verify the users selected. The second verification pop-up has been removed.
  • An attachments column has been added to the bidder's listing in the invitation to bid.
  • A check mark will appear within the bidder's attachment column when the bidder has supplied an attachment for review.
  • Pagination for all users when viewing referenced documents has been updated to reflect their user profile setting.
  • StratusDrive users are provided the ability to access StratusDrive by clicking Add User in Project Members.
  • StratusDrive Project Admins will receive full permissions, other Role permissions will need to be applied as usual.
  • StratusDrive has been added within the Project Management and Bid Package Modules/Sections as a Referenced Documents location.
  • StratusDrive The Files/Folders will be sent as a zip download option in the email notification.
  • StratusDrive Users can add files and folders to StratusDrive from the website.
  • StratusLink has been added within StratusDrive for both Bound and Bound/Split into individual files.
  • StratusLink The split files will go into a folder called SplitPDFs.
  • StratusLink An Excel file of all links and sheets created is included in the root folder.

v8.5.3|February, 24 2020

  • User Feature Request: Expand User Group grid to include City, State, Zip, and Phone.
  • User Feature Request: Search Profiles to see what project the user is listed on as Project Member using the organization report titled User Status.
  • User Feature Request: Ability to see what grids have persistence set for the user profile under My Profile - User Preferences.
  • User Feature Request: CC's listed within the email notifications for RFI's and Transmittal's that are sent out of the system.
  • User Feature Request: Show when a project is set to sync in Estimate Info and Contract info.
  • User Feature Request: A detail and summary print button has been added to the Cost Code Overview. The next release will include these prints showing the associated Change Events with the Estimate cost codes.
  • Activity Log records when Change Management items are requested to be Released to Accounting.
  • The change management change event mark-ups and processing process updated and improved based on User feedback.
  • The Admin buttons to delete and apply date and time stamps to change events has been updated to only be available to Organization Admins for greater control.
  • Within change events when toggling to include markups this action will carry through the processing and printing of the change event.
  • Contract Header Quick Adds listed in the dropdown are removed after they have been synchronized with your accounting system.
  • User Feature Request: Meeting Minute Description text box has been increased to 64,000 characters from 8,000 characters.
  • User Feature Request: RFI Transmit button wording updated from Transmit to Submit for clarification of function.
  • User Feature Request : Add the option to distribute an RFI as a pdf file, allowing the distribution of the RFI to Project Members or Global Users that have not been added as a CC's or To:.
  • RFI grid load speed improved.
  • RFIs sort descending in the grid so the latest RFI is on the top.
  • RFI grid header Description changed to Subject for consistency.
  • Document grid pagination and list quantity follows the users My Profile - User Preferences Grid settings.
  • Notification users can be removed within the grid.
  • Expediting Log report filters to show the Tenant profiles.
  • Users can now access the StratusDrive documents by using the Referenced Documents button.

v8.5.2|January, 28 2020

  • The Organization report, User Status Report, shows all of the projects that a particular user(s) are listed as a project member.
  • The estimate detail report to include the category used within each cost code.
  • The cost event print when “Suppressing Mark-ups” is selected has been updated to weight balance the markups into the separate items.
  • Releasing Cost Events to production maintains the Architect and Owner Approval Dates.
  • The first three columns in the Forecast report are pinned in place when scrolling right.
  • To make the breakdown of the markups within a Contract Change Event more clear and concise, each contract line is separately listed with the associated mark-ups.
  • User Feature Request Inclusion: Forecasted Cost to Complete and Total Forecasted Job Cost in site will allow for amounts over nine digits in length.
  • User Feature Request Inclusion: The Contract Cost Event grid now includes a Total column which adds the Markup Total with the Pending or Approved Status Subtotal.
  • User Feature Request Inclusion: The Change Management Cost Event (Contract and Commitment) description boxes can grow to show more entered text.
  • The time allocated for expediting log import has been extended to allow for larger imports into the expediting log.
  • When editing a single or multiple Expediting item(s) the Required on Job Date, Submit Required Date as well as the Lead Time and Architect Review can be edited which will back calculate the date not changed.
  • The import template has been updated to include additional columns (Architect Prepare time, GC prepare Time, and Total Lead Time, Anticipated Date, Contract Date) which can be used when setting up the import. Existing templates and excel spreadsheets will complete an import as it has prior to this release as, all of the same columns are mapped when importing.
  • The option to revise one document independent of a larger group of documents.
  • Bid Packages will be auto disabled at 40 past the entered due date. Making the bid package no longer viable to bidders, however internal users will maintain access to the bid package.
  • StratusLink, within StratusDrive, is officially released to production.  The StratusLink allows for hyperlinking within a set of drawings and/or splitting the set of drawings out into individual sheets. Refer to the attached video link for more information.
  •  Click Here For More Info
  • StratusDrive is officially released to production. Please click on the following video link for a brief explanation of the features. Contact Support for more information on how to add StratusDrive to one of your Organizations projects. This service will be free to current subscribers of SageCPC through the year 2020. Starting 2021 there will be a separate service fee applied.
  •  Click Here For More Info
  • The Transmittal email includes a third link to download a zip folder of referenced folders and files, if included. Clear descriptions of each link has been added for user understanding.

v8.5.1|November 4, 2019

  • We have updated our green "waiting wheel" to now be 3 loading dots. You will now also see this new loading screen in your Bid Packages, Uploading Documents, and Sending Invitation’s to Bid in addition to the other places you already see a load screen.
  • Standardized the "View all Projects" site permission - when providing a User with the permission to “View all Projects” the User will have the permission to Read all project data within all projects of their owning organization.
  • The site permission of “Org Admin” has complete access to all of the organization projects. Having this permission allow the user full access to read and manage all within the organization.
  • The all new StratusDrive has been implemented into the site. If you are interested in learning more about this exciting new add-on, please contact Your Support Team to request a Demo.
  • When creating a New Folder in the Project Management Module, the Folder Access to the New Folder will only automatically include the Creator of that folder to the Access List. That User will have full rights to the folder created. Additional Project Members will need to be granted Folder Access into the newly created folder by the Creator or Project Admin by utilizing the Folder Access button in the top of the folder or via the Project Members’ Project Permissions.
  • Submittal Status Alias’ have been updated so that they are also available within the Submittal Quick Reply drop-down menu
  • The Open Issues Grid has been updated to allow for direct closure of Open Issue Items – single or multiple Open Issues.
  • The Punch List Section of the Project Management Module now allows for your to Print Item with Attachments. If you have customized Punch List print, you will need to contact Your Support Team to get your Print updated by the Report Writing Team for this new feature.
  • Within the Daily Logs Section of the Project Management Module, the Print with Attachments function will allow for both JPEG and PDF files to compile when printing with attachments.
  • Multiple Cost Event Line Item Entries within both Contract Change Events and Commitment Change Events. When clicking the “Add Multiple Items” button, you will be presented with a spreadsheet like entry sheet that allows for more than one Cost Event Item to be created at one time.
  • Multiple Contract Items per Contract Cost Event – the ability to assign multiple cost header items (Schedule of Values) within one Contract Change
  • Contract Cost Event Cumulative Markup Calculations - Allows for one level of cumulative markup within your contract change events.
  • The Forecast and Variance Section within the Cost Management Module has been updated to account for approved contract change amounts for both Synchronized and Stand-Alone Projects.
  • Within our Mobile Application, the functionality for Items (punch lists, RFI’s, Open Issues, Daily Logs) created in the Section (not in a subfolder) to be viewed is now here. Our next release will include the ability to Create Items without the need to have a subfolder. Currently, viewing is now available.

v8.5.0|September 30, 2019

  • The grid within submittal package items is based on your profile default setting showing the users preference.
  • Activity log information has been expanded to include bid package document actions and the action of copying bid packages.
  • Allow the user to create items within the Project Management Module Sections without requiring a folder.
    • Read Permission: will allow the User to view and collaborate only those items they have been sent.
    • Read All Permission: will allow the User to view and collaborate on all items within that section.
  • Simplify the User Permissions tabs by combining two tabs into one tab with four optional checkboxes.
  • Allow the option to create duplicate project names as long as the project number with an organization is unique.
  • When creating a project the user selected in "Create on Behalf Of" or Author of the Project are now added as Project Members automatically.
  • Updated the transmittal grid column title from "Package" to "Orig. Item" allowing the referenced link to take you to more than one originating item type.
  • Within the commitment transmittal the commitment header and subject are noted within the email notification.
  • When forwarding an existing submittal package into a new one, the new submittal package will remove the submit and due dates so they record based on when it's actually submitted versus when created.
  • Punchlist items are now populating on the My Task list when that User is a responsible party on new items. Previous items will need to be reopened to have them show on the My Task List.
  • When entering the change management cost event Items the page will not refresh after selecting a cost type.
  • Cumulative (Circular) Mark-up as an option within contract change management, defined by the project defaults structure has been added. The functionality (calculations) will be included in the next release.
  • The option to assign a cost code to the mark-up lines for contract change orders structure has been added. The functionality (calculations) will be included in the next release.
  • Pencil Draw will display multiple contracts for one project.
  • Organization Administrators can advance the cost management workflow for absent users.
  • Once a Commitment change order is processed, it is locked down from being processed into another commitment change order.
  • If the User should click the back button within the browser before saving the system will return to the previous screen.
  • Within the Organization Integrations Setup a company can define their contract items with more than a dash to separate digits (xx-xx.xxx).
  • To maximize space within change management the architect and owner status approval has been moved to one line and the workflow tracking has been moved to the bottom.
  • You can now filter Daily Logs by Subcontractor and produce the Daily Log Report of the days they were present.
  • The Infrastructure for the introduction StratusDrive has been incorporated.
  • Document Grid Updated to be a consistent Telerik Grid.

v8.4.0.7|July 22, 2019

  • An additional API was added to read the subcontractor list
  • Submittal status alias for the “Closed” stage has been updated to reflect the next action as Complete
  • The RFI Grid has been updated to include the number of items
  • Updating the daily log is tracked within the project activity log
  • During Project create and Edit the User has the Ability to move copy and paste template from one location to another
  • The calculations are automatic in the forecast input, allowing the option to toggle through the items with the tab or enter key
  • The Balance of Units Remaining has been added to the Forecast
  • Within the Pencil Draw, the percentage decimal place precision has been reduced to two for accurate recording of costs
  • The Daily Log Reports has been updated to filter by subcontractor
  • The Document's Activity Log updated to record when sketches and copy's of documents are added

v8.4.0.6|June 17, 2019

  • Insert Breadcrumbs in Integration Setup
  • Insert Breadcrumbs at Project Setup
  • Insert Breadcrumbs at the Forecasting-Variance Screen
  • Insert Breadcrumbs at Submittal Report Screens
  • During Project create and Edit the User has the Ability to Move/Copy and Paste Template From One Location To Another
  • In Project Edit, the Quick Add defaults to checked
  • Users with Create Projects permissions may now add members to multiple projects at once
  • Deprecated Documents -- Private Folders
  • Deprecated Reports-- Fax Report
  • Deprecated Reports-- Print Order Report
  • Expediting Log Items can be pushed into Existing Submittal packages
  • Transmittal To and From are required fields
  • Activity Log - Project Management : Daily Logs Recorded
  • User can have multiple Forecasts in one day
  • Added three percentage gauges to the Summary Info Page
  • Added New Module, the Project Members Listing so the Field can call/email the project members
  • TWhen Offline Punchlist Item post has been updated to stop duplication

v8.4.0.5|May 13, 2019

  • Project Setup - Opening the Info tab more efficient
  • IThe From: dropdown populates with Organization members only, Unless User has Project Admin Role
  • List management for Meeting Minutes Category "Old Business" locked since required by system
  • Read and Read All Permissions Allow User To View Minutes Within Meeting Only
  • Activity Log - Project Management : Meeting Minutes Recorded
  • Activity Log - Project Management : Open Issues Recorded
  • Activity Log - Project Management : Submittals Recorded
  • Activity Log - Project Management : Punch Lists Recorded
  • RFI Transmittal Date populates when Transmitted
  • Activity Log - Project Management : RFI's
  • Activity Log - Project Management : Expediting Logs Recorded
  • Users can now Import Over an Existing Import Converted will not be altered
  • Hyperlink back to the Cost Item from the Transmittal Added
  • Logo on Daily Report - Mobile Application Recorded
  • Folder Access Carries over to the Mobile

v8.4.0.4|April 15, 2019

  • Quick-Reply setting now copy's to New Projects
  • Activity Log Tracks Project Deletion
  • Activity Log Captures Project Member Permissions Change When Using Copy Permissions
  • Activity Log Tracks Project Creation
  • Create a New Site Role - Estimator
  • Allows User to see all Projects within their own organization
  • Allows User to see all Bid Packages in their project
  • Allows User to view the Summary page
  • Submittal Quick Reply Transmit Defaults to include All Attachments, Can Include specific Attachements only selected
  • Removed duplciate New Folder and Delete Icons from Upper Ribbon
  • Removed from the expediting Notification email: "If Applicable, reply to this email with the items attached."
  • Documents - Plans - Add View All in dropdown so All Plans Can Be Selected and Transmitted
  • Document Grid Filtering Included
  • Org Admin and or Project Admin to have the option to delete change management
  • User can choose to have a Rollup or Detail Forecast by Cost Code in Project Setup
  • Forecasting - Upon Clicking "Enter" key while entering the forecast will bring you to the next cell
  • You can now delete multiple cost event items
  • Activity Log - Cost Management : Contract Info
  • Activity Log - Cost Management : Pencil Draw
  • Activity Log - Cost Management : Commitment Info
  • Activity Log - Cost Management : Commitment Events - Delete Change Event not captured
  • Activity Log - Cost Management : Forecasting
  • Activity Log - Cost Management : Contract Events

v8.4.0.3|March 18, 2019

  • Organization User Groups now reflect the Org list under Organization List Management instead of the System CSI list
  • Top Ribbon of the site has been locked so Users on smaller screens and resolutions have maximum view
  • Sign-in Page, Forgot Username link, uses passphrase or Full Name to match against email for Password Reset
  • Upper Ribbon "Participants" Button has been removed from Meetings and Agendas; add Attendees at the Grid
  • Upper Ribbon Add User Button Removed from Agenda Items and Meeting Minutes; add responsible at the Grid
  • Responsible Parties within the Meeting Minutes will now copy from the Meeting to the Agenda when utilizing the Blue Plus
  • The Submittal Detail Report can be filtered by Due Date, defaults to All
  • Submittal Quick Reply will update all users that were part of the transmittal (CC users as well as the To and From)
  • Responsible Parties within the Meeting Minutes will now copy from the Meeting to the Agenda when utilizing the Blue Plus
  • Upper Ribbon Add CC Users button has been removed from the RFI module; add CC at the Grid
  • Adjusting ROJ date from Ribbon button or within the specific line item is now allowed
  • Expanded ways to import into Expediting Log; accepts any excel or CSV spreadsheet and can have multiple tabs, unique division and division descriptions; unique CSI code and descriptions now control grid creation
  • Restricted Folder Permission carries over to the Mobile App Document section
  • Schedule Adjustments within Contract Change Events can include for up to 999 days
  • Commitment Cost Event Line Additions warn the User of over committed Costcodes when compared to the Estimate amounts for that Costcode
  • Contract Info Supports Multiple Contracts under one Project Number
  • User Can Choose which Contract to assign a New Contract Item to from the Contract Change Event
  • The Cost Line Item Costcode dropdown is searchable by text input
  • Summary Info Forecast Total Cost are real time based on the actual JTD Costs in Summary Info, the Forecast Total Cost is static against the JTD costs from the time the Forecast was created
  • Forecasting by Costcode versus Costcode/Category is now available by project; set within project setup under Defaults; set when the Project is setup and before forecast is created
  • Bid Package grid accessibility is now based on Project Permission for Print, Edit and Delete

v8.4.0.2|Febuary 25, 2019

  • All browser presentations of the left tree Icons have been updated
  • Users with multiple CSI codes are shown only once in the project member report
  • The Project Member report is now presenting the Tenant specific data
  • A Request Sync button has been added wiithin the Project Syncronization Integrations link
  • Hyperlinks within transmittals can be included without special insertion
  • Meeting minutes marked as hidden will only appear in the grid when Show Minutes in the upper ribbon is clicked
  • The character limit for the inclusions and exclusions, within a Commitment, increased to 600,000 words
  • If your company's accounting is synchronized, you can run standalone projects as well as synchronized
  • You can change the Project Setup Change Event Mark-up Defaults at anytime within the project and they will only apply to the Change events moving forward
  • Edited Mark-ups will carry through processing from one phase to the next, if you want to reset any edited markups you click the Restore Default Markups Button
  • Within Bid Management delete permissions for Bid Packages is down to the user permissions versus based off just role

v8.4.0.1|Febuary 4, 2019

  • Minor Phrasing changes in the New User Create Welcome Email Updated
  • Folder access list for Newly Created Folder updates as new project members are added
  • When Closing or Answering an RFI the Associated Attachments go back to the Originating RFI
  • Within the Project Setup Defaults RFIs A Project Admin can hide the RFI
  • Close/Answer/Delete buttons in a RFI based on Project Permission. Defaults so being visible
  • When Utilizing the RFI Tranmittal option within Project Setup à Defaults à RFIs , The User receiving party will receive only one email upon transmitting the transmittal
  • The Architect Return Notes from the Quick Reply Email are visible when hovering over the Submittal Package and associated Submittal Item
  • Agenda Response: Accept or Decline Does not Require a Log in if the Project is Marked Quick Reply and the User has Quick Reply Turned on
  • Multiple Void and Revise Change Orders can be Sync’d back to the accounting system
  • The User receiving a commitment workflow email can view the respective attachments within the commitment from the provide link
  • The User can push the Added User/Contact to all Open Bid Packages for this Location
  • Management Progress Wheel for Invitation to Bid

v8.4.0.0|January 21, 2019

  • Breadcrumbs added to the List Management Lists for easier navigation
  • RFI Subfolder Advanced Forwarding Information carries forward with the Project Creation from a template
  • Mass Messaging is available within the Project Members. Call Support to setup
  • The User can Print Preview the Schedule Reports
  • After a User Profile is edited there is a confirmation Pop-up Notification to alert the User
  • Project Admins can now Delete Users
  • The New User Automatic Email Script has been updated
  • An option to Transmit the RFI with a Transmittal can now be found in the Project Defaults
  • The Balance to Complete Units has been added to the Forecast module
  • Commitment Numbers are trimmed for space automatically
  • The Project Directory Report uses the Tenant specific User information versus the System
  • User can utilize the Advanced Search to Add Bidders to the Bid Package

    v8.3.0.10|December 17, 2018

  • Project Search Now Indicates the Company in the Search Results
  • Workflows are copied for both New Project Creation and Copy Project Creation
  • ITB Emails will be sent with a Noreply Email to Stop Potential Spoofing
  • Download Links will not Require a Login by Default, Login Requirement can Still be set at the Project
  • User can Preview the Scheduled Reports in Print
  • Executive D-ashboards Can Now be Deleted
  • The New User Welcome Email Has Been Updated to Provide New User Instructions and Information
  • The User Can Send the RFI with a Transmittal to Copy 1 to Many Users on the Answer
  • Activity log Now Tracks the Deleting of RFI's
  • Submittal Status For Approval Critical Can Be used To Distinguish Submittal Importance
  • Submittal Grid Shows if Package includes an Attachment
  • Submittal Item Text consistent with Printouts for Date Returned to Subcontractor
  • You can Delete Multiple Submittal Folders and Submittal Packages
  • Submittal Items from within the Item or the Grid can be Linked back to the Expediting Log
  • Adjust Button within the Expediting Log adjusts all Expediting Item Dates
  • Added Folder Permission Acces to Expediting Folder Creation for Less Clicks
  • If Site Member or a Company is Inactivated, Expediting Log Emails Stop
  • Room Text Field added to the Punch Lists for added Filtering in Reports
  • Punch List Field Matching on Import Download
  • Punch List CC's Get Notification on Status Change
  • Document Notifications can Add Contacts and Users. Only Users receive Email Until Contact made a User
  • Adjust Font Sizes and Colors Now Available in All Browsers
  • Mass Message Creation added to Project Members, Message Added to Outgoing (Call Support if Wanted)
  • User can Add Multiple attachments to Commitments at Once
  • The Cost Code, Category and Extra are Shown for Commitment Change Events
  • Download Link Embedded into the Commitment Transmit Added
  • Commitment Cost Types Configured to be Similar to the Contract Cost Types
  • Commitment Change Orders Workflows Added to the Parent Folder so It's Only Created in One Place

v8.3.0.9|November 19, 2018

  • Project Home Page - Loading Image
  • Sage 100 Project Integration Setup is available for organizations IT has setup manually. Those organizations can setup Sage 100 project mappings and request project sync's
  • Workflow Email Link Takes you to the Commitment but the attachments are not displayed
  • Copy and Paste A Project -- Org vs. Project Admin Project Setup

v8.3.0.8|November 12, 2018

  • Return to Home Page Not Functioning
  • New Submittal Status Alias Erases Old Ones
  • Templates don't Copy Change Management Project Defaults
  • Mass Message
  • Hyperlink within Notification logs you into the primary listed on the notification
  • Ascending / Descending within Meeting Minutes Report creates oops error
  • Agenda Response: Accept or Decline - Now Requires Users to Log In
  • Workflow Email Link Takes you to the Commitment but the attachments are not displayed
  • Subcontract and GC Contact has no space in name
  • Hide Workflow in Daily Logs
  • Pepper Construction - RFI - Do Not Send Notifications No Longer Exists in New UI
  • RFI Notifications - Author Not Receiving Reply Notification Emails
  • Meeting Minute Sorting Carat Error
  • Missing Project or Location logo causing report to crash
  • UI Design: Pencil Draw Button Verbiage 19 June 2018 Pencil Draws
  • Expediting Log - Reporting Option Titles
  • Spelling Error - Meeting Minutes Attachment Options Top Ribbon Bar
  • Capitalization Error, Meeting Notes header
  • Capitalization Error, Attendees header in Meeting Minutes
  • UI Design/ Feature Request: Change Text on Button
  • UI Design/ Feature Request: "Upload File" Button Text
  • UI Design/ Feature Request: Change Text on Add Item Pop-up
  • UI Design/ Feature Request: Change Section Heading
  • UI/UX Length of Text Entry Fields on Edit User Page

v8.3.0.7|October 28, 2018

  • Add Verbiage next to the Upload Files Button for Attached documents "Only PDFs combine in Print and downloads"
  • User Profile - Make the Role Field a Required Field
  • Change User Selection Tool to default to project members for Project Module
  • Expediting Log Import should include Item Type so when Converted to Submittal each item does not need to be clicked since it's a required field
  • Show System Activity - Please add progress wheel

v8.3.0.6|October 01, 2018, 2018

  • RFI - Referenced Documents do not present in RFI quick reply
  • Request to remove the Help button from top black bar since the information is out dated for all 4 sites
  • Report Module adding reports to the end of all the reports listed

v8.3.0.5|September 24, 2018

  • External Users can See "Executive Dashboards"
  • A new Template System Role has been added with no predetermined permissions for complete customization
  • Items are now calculated in Business days whether manually changed or automatically input into Submittal Items
  • A new transmittal button was added to the Transmittal Module so no folders are required Expediting Log
  • You can now remove the link to the submittal

v8.3.0.4|August 27, 2018

    The following grids have been converted to Telerik controls:

  • Company qualifications
  • Users Roles
  • Site User List
  • List Bidder Categories
  • User Groups
  • User Groups Categories
  • Projects List
  • Locations List Organizations

v8.2.0.6|July 18, 2018

  • Simply Press Enter on any grid and it will default to Contains for the search, if you don't want to select something else specifically
  • Daily Log now includes the Workflow Feature if you want certain people within your team to look at Daily Logs
  • Daily Log Copy and Move to New Folder
  • You can now change a responsible contractor within Existing Submittal Package
  • Mass Notifications Updated
  • The first phase of being able to include the current RFI and/or Submittal report into the meeting report is completed within the dataset. Phase 2 will include the checkbox on the meeting minute report for inclusion

v8.2.0.3|May 14, 2018

  • Org Setup: Tenant Specific Data Changes
  • Daily Log now includes the Workflow Feature if you want certain people within your team to look at Daily Logs
  • Daily Log Copy and Move to New Folder
  • You can now change a responsible contractor within Existing Submittal Package
  • Mass Notifications Updated
  • Org Setup: Tenant Specific Data Changes

v8.2.0.2|May 14, 2018

  • Simply Press Enter on any grid and it will default to Contains for the search, if you don't want to select something else specifically
  • Daily Log now includes the Workflow Feature if you want certain people within your team to look at Daily Logs
  • Daily Log Copy and Move to New Folder
  • You can now change a responsible contractor within Existing Submittal Package
  • Mass Notifications Updated
  • The first phase of being able to include the current RFI and/or Submittal report into the meeting report is completed within the dataset. Phase 2 will include the checkbox on the meeting minute report for inclusion

v8.2.0.0|April 25, 2018

  • Quick Reply to Submittal Packages from the Email
  • Punch List Print Report - Filter Report by Responsible Party
  • Edit/add Responsible Contractor Responsible Contractor within Existing Submittal Package list
  • Mass Notifications Updated
  • Transmittal Update and Copy Optionlist

v8.1.0.12|February 11, 2018

  • Descriptions can now be added to attached documents in Commitments and Commitment Cost Events
  • The Select All feature is now available on the Submittal Items list|February 2, 2018

  • Users are now enabled to copy agendas directly from the Agendas List
  • Users are now enabled to delete transmittals directly from the Transmittals List
  • In Bid Lists, the Select All feature now selects both the section headers and bidders located within each section
  • Invitations to Bid now include only the CSI codes that the sender selects for inclusion
  • Bidders are now enabled to attach documents directly to their bid response
  • Permissions for Bid Packages now default to Read Only by default for all bidders
  • Print orders with mixed protections will now execute the print all non-protected files
  • The Print with Attachments feature in Daily Logs has been updated

v8.1.0.10|January 21, 2018

  • Users are now enabled to delete submittal items
  • Users are now enabled to delete submittal folders|January 14, 2018

  • Users are now enabled to copy and paste Bid Packages
  • Submittals now have additional options in the Sent By drop-down list
  • Is Active now defaults to Active when creating users
  • Export to Excel, Print Detail, and Print Summary options are now available under all tabs on the Contract Summary page
  • In Bid Addendums, the To All Who Have Been Sent option now sends the Bid Addendum to all parties who received the initial bid package
  • Users are now enabled to utilize Advanced Search when adding bidders to bid packages|December 18, 2017

  • The Remarks textbox in Transmittals now accepts special characters
  • The Submittal Transmittal Sent By drop-down menu now has additional options
  • A job-to-date cost has been added to the Project Summary page for sync'd projects
  • Email notifications for New Commitments now display a commitment amount
  • Synchronization Reports now appears on the Org Level Reports tab
  • Users are now enabled to modify previously created folder prefixes in RFIs
  • The Add CC function in Submittal Transmittals has been updated|December 6, 2017

  • Project Admins are now enabled to customize data fields for Project Info
  • The User Selection Tool for Responsible Parties in Meeting Minutes now populates continuously
  • Org Level Reports now contains new options for reporting on Commitments
  • Org Level Reports has been moved to Synchronization Reports
  • The Connector Sync History and Connector Logs tabs are moved from Integration Setup to Synchronization Reports
  • Org Defaults has been renamed Org Project Options

Hot fix|December 1, 2017

  • The Copy Permissions function now enables users to copy Project Permissions and Folder Access simultaneously|November 71, 2017

  • Project Members can now be created from Meetings
  • Project Members can now be created from Agendas
  • Additional formatting options are available for text in Meeting Minutes
  • Emails can now be sent from your Meeting List
  • Emails can now be sent from your list of agendas|November 5, 2017

  • Subcontractor companies can now be named by site member
  • Project Admins are now enabled to cancel workflow updates
  • Users now have access to a new Project Progress Report
  • The Expediting Logs Import feature now has additional header identificaion capabilities
  • The Import Expediting Log feature is now much faster
  • In Meeting Minutes, the Invited and Attended checkboxes now update immediately|October 16, 2017

  • Meetings now default to sorting Meeting Minutes by number
  • Commitments now contain Line Item descriptions
  • Change Confidential checkbox in Meeting Minutes now marks and hides the selected item
  • The Next and Previous navigation tools were added to the View Meeting Minutes page|October 1, 2017

  • The Meetings user interface has been refactored and is now responsive to your device
  • The Open Issues user interface has been refactored and is now responsive to your device
  • The Punch Lists user interface has been refactored and is now responsive to your device
  • End Users now have access to organization and project level reporting templates
  • Users are now enabled to change vendors when editing Commitments
  • Users are now enabled to edit Change Request numbers prior to approval
  • Forecasting now includes a column for Total Estimate Units
  • Columns from Forecasting have been added to the Contract Summary page
  • Document notification emails now include multiple upload notifications
  • The User Selection Tool now includes filtering when View by User Group is selected
  • CSI Search is now included in the User Selection Tool
  • The status now updates to Active when a Contact is converted to a User
  • System Level User Groups no longer display in the User Selection Tool
  • Delete Posted Reply is now available in the new RFI module
  • Meeting Minutes now accept Responsible Parties
  • Forecasting now brings in Quick Add Estimate Items
  • The Cost Code Overview is now showing Estimate Info Approved/Pending Changes