StratusVue Mission

Enabling Great Things

At StratusVue, we connect people with the information they need to succeed and provide processes to help them work more efficiently. We understand the challenges our clients face every day, and we provide tools so they can focus on what really matters. We enable them to achieve great things.

History of StratusVue

In 2001, founder John Goecke was a Vice President at FXWB Reprographics in Vernon Hills, IL, which offers printing, scanning, and copying services for large format documents (such as construction drawings). John and his partners realized that there was an increasing need for technology that could manage an electronic planroom in addition to the traditional printed form.  In order to be part of this industry transformation, they began to develop a software that could manage digital construction documents. That software product would eventually become the same PlansandSpecs that resides in the StratusVue portfolio today.

With significant input from customers, PlansandSpecs was enhanced and refined to meet the needs of the commercial construction environment. Realizing that software was going to be driving the future of the construction documents industry–rather than printing–in 2007, John took the software product independent, and PlansandSpecs became its own company.  For the next several years, the company grew, and the product continued to become more robust.

After several years of solid performance, in 2011, John felt the urge to accelerate growth and recruited Stan Pepper to be the company’s CEO. Under Stan and John’s joint leadership, PlansandSpecs increased its sales, improved operations, and heightened its company profile.  When the innovative BIMfx solution was developed in 2012-13, it became clear that the company had grown into something more than the original PlansandSpecs. In July 2013, CRO Matt Schaefer guided a rebranding campaign and relaunched the company as StratusVue.

Management Team

The StratusVue Management Team has deep experience working within, managing, and providing service to the construction environment.

John Goecke, 
Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

John Goecke drives StratusVue’s product development, optimizes its operations and ensures high-quality service delivery. He began developing StratusVue’s software in 2001 while he was an executive at FXWB Reprographics, a printing services company. John launched the software enterprise as PlansandSpecs and spun it off in 2007; he has been leading and growing the company ever since. With more than 25 years of industry experience, John understands the complexities of construction document management and what clients need to keep their projects on track.

Brian Anson
Chief Operating Officer

Brian Anson joined the StratusVue team in October of 2016.  With a background in innovation and consulting for start-ups and small businesses, Brian stepped in to lead StratusVue’s strategic planning for product development and operations.  Prior to joining StratusVue, Brian worked as a Director of Operations for the Nassal Company and Consultant for TAG Management, a venture specializing in business coaching, mentoring, and IT consulting for small businesses.  Prior to that, he worked as a Regional Manager for McHugh Construction, a position that included project management of 20- to 90-million-dollar ventures.  With his unique expertise in construction, small business, and IT consulting, Brian has thus far led StratusVue initiatives in  Mobile, API Integrations, the bi-weekly Learning Events program, training materials for new users, UI/UX deployment, Pay App definition and deployment, and the development of custom procedures. 

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