BIM-Enabled Data Closeout and Turnover

BIMfx: The Fastest, Most Practical Way to Transfer Asset Data from Construction to Facilities Management

The increased usage of technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), mobile devices, and cloud computing is rapidly bringing new efficiencies to the construction industry.  But despite these improvements, the process of closing out a project and turning over useful data to the owners is still difficult and frustrating.  Collecting and organizing the data is painful for the contractor, and the owner often receives incomplete information that they must then re-enter into the computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) used for operations.

This “last mile” for construction data is what BIMfx improves for all parties involved.

BIMfx gives contractors, commissioning agents, and owners a straightforward, powerful tool to turnover a full set of useful data in a fraction of the time.  On the front end it simplifies the data collection process and enables collection to happen earlier during construction.  BIMfx then allows owners to import this asset information directly into their CMMS, and also to access it from BIM files, through QR codes, or directly from a web browser.

BIMfx is a practical solution that provides value for organizations today, while also preparing them for the future when “BIM for FM” will be a more realistic goal.  A few of the key benefits include:

    • Simpler collection of high value asset data during construction
      • Earlier entry into CMMS of crucial information on serviceable components
      • Higher quality and more complete asset closeout data

A Valuable Complement to CMMS

When facilities management (FM) personnel are in the field, they need access to information about building assets in order to do their jobs.  In most cases today, this means returning to the office and searching through binders or the CMMS to find what’s needed.  Valuable time is wasted, and the risk of data getting lost or becoming dated is high.

By using BIMfx together with mobile devices, FM teams can now obtain the key data they need real-time – including documentation such as warranties, cut sheets, and operating manuals.  A CMMS is still crucial for managing tasks and work orders, but efficiency is increased significantly with BIMfx by providing immediate access to information.

Access Key Asset Data the Way You Want

While there is tremendous potential in using BIM technology to improve the FM function, the truth is that most organizations are not ready to take that leap.  That’s why BIMfx was designed with the flexibility to be used in one or more convenient ways.

The dynamic URLs generated by BIMfx can certainly be used in 3D models to facilitate BIM-for-FM, but they can also be accessed using QR codes, directly from CMMS, or anywhere else a web link can be accessed.  This practical feature of the solution ensures that owners will get full value from BIMfx right away – regardless of the sophistication they’re ready to employ on day one.  It also allows organizations to evolve, and use their key asset data differently over time.

Technology That Improves the Process

Before construction data can be stored or transferred, it must be collected in the first place.  But on complicated and chaotic projects the process of aggregating data from numerous sources is extremely challenging.  That’s why contractors usually leave it until the very end, which of course just makes it that much harder…

BIMfx provides tools and methods that simplify the collection process and make it easier to get asset information early on during construction.  For example, contractors can import and export data from spreadsheets all while using the BIMfx web interface to monitor progress and ensure completion.  When it comes to collecting additional construction data, the simple answer is always best.

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