Bid Management with BidVue

Invitation to Bid / RFP Management

BidVue: The Fast, Efficient Way to Manage the Bidding Process

When a project gets the green light to move forward into construction, it quickly becomes a race against time to get bids or proposals back so that the “real” work can begin. BidVue, the Invitation To Bid / RFP Management solution from StratusVue, enables an efficient bidding process by helping project leaders rapidly reach and qualify the right bidders, share the right information with them, and communicate changes and clarifications from a central information portal.

With BidVue, estimators and project managers will find it faster and easier than ever to:

      • Create and manage an electronic bid book
      • Distribute bid documents and communicate with all the bidders
      • Manage vendor certifications and qualifications
      • Monitor progress through every step of the proposal process

And BidVue will help to reduce the number of mistakes made along the way, which saves money and improves the chances of receiving a low bid.

The StratusVue Difference: A Fully Integrated System

What elevates StratusVue above the competition is the fact that all our products are part of a cohesive, seamless system. When BidVue is used in conjunction with PlansandSpecs or BIMfx, there are no issues with information “transfer,” because it’s all automatically linked. You’ll be able to track the full project history from design through to closeout.

Take Best Advantage of the Cloud

Unlike other cloud-based ITB and RFP tools, BidVue does not delete or expunge project data after an arbitrary time period of 45 or 90 days. The documents live on, and create a comprehensive archive of the entire pricing lifecycle.

And because BidVue’s pricing is subscription-based, customers are able to avoid the significant expense of procuring and maintaining on-premise servers. This can add up quickly as today’s projects are collecting larger amounts of data all the time. To provide more value, StratusVue’s simple pricing model does not charge onerous per-seat license fees; instead companies pay a subscription fee for unlimited use, which encourages maximum usage of the system.  Contact us to learn more.

Manage Vendor Qualifications and Ratings Your Way

Ensuring that you select subcontractors that are qualified to do the work you need done is a crucial part of the ITB process. Some StratusVue customers have developed or purchased software tools for qualifying and rating their subs, while others haven’t. Fortunately, BidVue has been designed with the flexibility to handle either scenario. Users can integrate data from another system into the BidVue process, or they can use our built-in tools to keep track of ratings, qualifications and certification status.

The result? Users save time searching for the right prospects and can focus on making their selections and negotiating the best terms.

Extract Real Value Out of Improved Transparency 

The bidding / RFP process involves a lot of moving parts, and it can be a real challenge keeping tracking of them all.

How many bid packages were sent? How many of the packages were viewed? Which subcontractors are planning to respond?

With BidVue, all this information and more is available in the system and through viewable reports generated at the click of a button. Users have a better handle on the status of the various bid packages they have out, and they’re able to identify potential challenges sooner than ever before.

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