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The StratusVue System Solutions

Collaborate For Great Project Management

PlansandSpecs uses a role-based environment to increase collaboration on important document workflows for more control, security and transparency.

Get Better, Faster Results For Your Bid or Proposal

BidVue speeds up the bidding / RFP process by efficiently distributing bid packages, and improves the quality of results by managing your bid book electronically.

Make BIM-enabled Data Closeout Faster

BIMfx improves the process of collecting, organizing, and transferring high value asset data from construction to building operations through BIM.

Connecting cloud documents to your local computer

StratusDrive connects your cloud data to your local computer, providing the most efficient document management system.

AI recognition within documents

StratusLink reads the contents of your construction documents and automagically reads, references and links the content within to your cloud-based documents.us

Collaboration Software for Construction

The StratusVue System: Seamlessly Integrated to Manage Projects from Design Through Operations

Companies all know they need technology to be competitive in the marketplace. That’s the easy part. What’s harder to figure out is: Which technologies to use? And why?  

Individual solutions each promise benefits, but often ignore the fact that each one operates as part of a larger technology ecosystem.  Data needs to be transferred between solutions so that it can be used over again in decision making. But these transfers are difficult to manage, so forward-thinking IT managers are looking to eliminate them whenever possible.

StratusVue makes a positive impact in this regard. The solutions that make up the StratusVue System have been developed as integrated pieces of the same puzzle, so when clients use BidVue, PlansandSpecs, BIMfx and StratusDoc’s together they don’t have any data transfer issues.  They’re using one integrated system that manages project information from the design phase, through construction, and into building operations. 

Companies no longer need to wonder where their key project data is located: it’s in the StratusVue System. So rather than spending time searching for information, everyone on the project can focus on doing what they were hired to do… build great things.


Enabling Great Things – At StratusVue, we connect people with the information they need to succeed and provide processes to help them work more efficiently. We understand the challenges our clients face every day, and we provide tools so they can focus on what really matters. We enable them to achieve great things.

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