The StratusVue System Solutions

Collaborate For Great Project Management

PlansandSpecs uses a role-based environment to increase collaboration on important document workflows for more control, security and transparency.

Get Better, Faster Results For Your Bid or Proposal

BidVue speeds up the bidding / RFP process by efficiently distributing bid packages, and improves the quality of results by managing your bid book electronically.

Make BIM-enabled Data Closeout Faster

BIMfx improves the process of collecting, organizing, and transferring high value asset data from construction to building operations through BIM.

Connecting cloud documents to your local computer

StratusDrive connects your cloud data to your local computer, providing the most efficient document management system.

AI recognition within documents

StratusLink reads the contents of your construction documents and automagically reads, references and links the content within to your cloud-based

Plans and Specs - Product Overview

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