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PlansandSpecs:  Delivering the Three C’s to Your Projects – Collaboration, Consistency, and Control

If you ask most people what materials are the lifeblood of a construction project, they will probably respond with something like concrete, bricks or steel. But while those things are obviously essential, industry insiders know that many of the things that go wrong (delays, mistakes, lawsuits, etc.) can be traced back to the poor management of something else: documents.

PlansandSpecs by StratusVue was developed to improve overall project management by facilitating collaboration, providing better organization, and streamlining workflows for the documents and files that are crucial to project success.

By operating in the role-based environment of PlansandSpecs, the whole project team will have clear, consistent and easy-to-access tools for handling key project documents such as:

– Drawings
– RFI’s
– Daily Logs

– Specifications
– Submittals
– Punch Lists

– Contracts
– Meetings Minutes
– Cost Events

You’ll end up with projects that run faster, better and cheaper. Read more details below to learn how.

Keep the Project Team Engaged, From Anywhere Around the World

Delays are a constant challenge in construction, so project stakeholders hate to get slowed down. Time spent trying to find or access the right information is wasted, and therefore costs money. As a structured, cloud-based system, PlansandSpecs reduces this waste by ensuring that users can:

      • Access project data from any device with a web browser
      • Easily find what they’re looking for
      • Execute the tasks their role is responsible for 

Teams use PlansandSpecs around the clock from diverse locations around the world. With StratusVue solutions, there is no limit to the number of users or the amount of data to be stored. Our clients get maximum value by using the maximum the technology has to offer.

How a Role-based Solution Facilitates Collaboration

On the jobsite everyone, has a responsibility to execute a specific and unique role. So why is construction software designed as if every user is more or less the same?

PlansandSpecs is a role-based solution, which means that every project team member is assigned a role.  This role dictates what actions that project member is allowed to perform and what they can see. It’s much more than simple permission-setting for documents. Work flows more efficiently because users trust that nobody else can do what their role is tasked to do.  

This feature enables collaboration that mimics the jobsite: everyone does their part to contribute to the whole. Request a demo to learn more.

Customized Reporting for More Control

One of the hardest things to do when managing a construction project is to keep track of everything happening now, and to know what needs to happen next. To help with this challenge, PlansandSpecs includes customizable reporting tools that give users the ability to quickly see snapshots of project status and review open or overdue items.

Who still owes submittal information?

Which punch list items are open?

What RFI’s have not been answered yet?

With PlansandSpecs, these and many other questions can be answered with just a couple clicks of the mouse.  Contact us to find out how.

Improved Cooperation Through Transparency and Accountability

For any construction project, transparency is about knowing what is happening now and discerning what happened along the way. Because PlansandSpecs is a collaborative solution used by the entire team, transparency is improved because everyone can see what is happening on the project “live,” in real-time – reducing mistakes and delays.

In addition, PlansandSpecs improves accountability by maintaining a record of every action taken in the system by every user. The transaction log provides 100% third-party verification of all activity, removing guesswork and reducing the finger-pointing. With everyone held accountable to their own actions, the project team can look forward rather than trying to figure out what happened in the past.

The StratusVue Difference: A Fully Integrated System

Unlike many other offerings, all StratusVue solutions were designed from inception to operate in unison. The powerful construction document and project management benefits that PlansandSpecs provides are further amplified when it is used together with BidVue and/or BIMfx, and this system is the only one on the market that can manage a project and its documentation all the way from design to building operation.  Find out more about the system here ›

StratusVue Mobile App

Connect anytime, anywhere with the StratusVue mobile app, teams can create, share, and edit their project management documents using their iOS device in a simple, efficient, and secure manner.

It also enables you to work offline and automatically sync when you get connectivity.

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