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By implementing StratusVue as a single solution across their campus, institutional owners are able to establish a consistent standard for all users. They are also able to keep tabs on project progress, and quickly retrieve documentation whenever necessary.

With BIMfx, owners can for the first time easily link all the as-built information collected during construction to their facilities and maintenance teams. This eliminates countless hours of investigation and save operational dollars every day.

The StratusVue Products can provide improved transparency, control, and security for these owners of multiple buildings, especially in sectors like healthcare, higher education, and for corporations.

General Contractors / Construction Managers

General contractors (GC’s) and construction managers (CM’s) are like the conductors of an orchestra during the physical building phase. There are a lot of different players to keep in harmony. StratusVue’s solutions have been designed to enable GC’s and CM’s to keep the music playing through collaborative, efficient data collection.

BidVue helps complete the bid process faster, which then integrates with, PlansandSpecs to provide more control and consistency over the process, which then connects to, BIM​fx to give a strong differentiator for data migration at project completion.

Using StratusVue solutions across an organization also enables project administrators to cover more projects than they could in the past.

Architects / Engineers

As the guides for the overall process, it is crucial that architects and engineers can share their vision with the stakeholders who are working to realize it. StratusVue’s solutions make it easier than ever for designers to share the documents that describe their vision. The software ensures that everyone has access to the most updated information to build to, but also that unauthorized parties can’t alter that vision – either on purpose or accidentally. The role-based environment and automated workflows of PlansandSpecs gives the design team peace of mind and ultimately results in fewer mistakes on site.


The key to doing good work is having the right information in a timely fashion. With easy access, single log-in, and logical structure, the StratusVue Products ensures that subcontractors have the information they need when they need it. Whether it’s checking the latest RFI response, entering submittal information, or downloading the latest drawing revisions, subcontractors use StratusVue as their one-stop-shop for project data.


When owners involved in real estate development use StratusVue solutions, they benefit by reducing the amount of time required for due diligence. Having one centralized repository for all their documentation creates a virtual “War Room” that is far more organized and efficient than the paper-based world of the past. With BIMfx, developers are now able to easily propagate as-built information to the building’s maintenance management or building engine solution as operations begin.

Developers by definition tend to be involved in multiple construction projects at any given time. When different contractors use different solutions on each project, or when they do not use modern software at all, it becomes challenging for the developer to oversee what’s happening. With a common StratusVue platform however, development project leaders are able to more efficiently monitor progress and prevent expensive changes from being required later in their projects.

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