3 Words that Describe StratusVue’s Leadership

When you work with StratusVue, you are part of a company that truly cares about our clients & employees. From the beginning, our leadership made sure that those around us feel empowered. Here are a few words that would best describe StratusVue’s leadership through an employee’s eyes.
With the dedicated effort and vision of our leadership team, StratusVue continues to evolve into something better.  For example, perfecting an existing software solution, navigating how to bring about new solutions, or brainstorming new ideas to engage both with the team or with the clients.
How often can you say that your boss is approachable?  In my experience, it is a rare occurrence but is 100% applicable in this instance. Being able to express myself–whether that is voicing my opinions or asking numerous questions– without fear and to actually be heard and seen creates an atmosphere for constructive collaboration, learning, and growth.
At StratusVue, you will come to know and care about your peers as people, someone more than just a coworker. Leadership here has created a culture where together we acknowledge successes and hardships, where there is ample constructive collaboration and support with finding one’s niche to thrive.
The leadership team has set a high standard and hopefully, that standard is evident in all things StratusVue.