UL Solutions and StratusVue Announce Partnership to Advance Data Transparency for the Built Environment

StratusLink™ powered by UL Solutions will link construction as-built data.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, July 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science, and StratusVue, a provider of cloud-based project management solutions for commercial construction projects, announced StratusVue’s StratusLink™ powered by UL Solutions, a partnership to further develop and integrate the companies’ platforms to enable as-built data linking and management for construction information.

“StratusVue’s partnership with UL Solutions will provide information that will help enable safer buildings.”
— John Goecke

StratusLink™ powered by UL Solutions will link construction as-built data to UL Solutions product and life safety data in UL Product iQ®, the UL Solutions online location for certification information, and UL SPOT, the UL Solutions database containing product sustainability.

“In the built environment, it is critical to efficiently leverage and access data to help advance safe, smart and sustainable buildings,” said John Goecke, CEO at StratusVue. “Linking asset information to built data with product safety and standards information will provide a better understanding of what is contained in a building. Linking information to UL Solutions presents a more holistic view of a building.”

StratusVue’s partnership with UL Solutions will provide information that will help enable safer buildings.  “This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. Our machine learning and deep linking will allow building owners and managers to access all their building documents in an intelligent and simple way for better, healthier buildings,” Goecke said.

“Many factors are impacting the health of work environments,” said Neil Lakomiak project management director of the Built Environment group, UL Solutions. “Creating a safe, smart and sustainable building is critically important as stakeholders — from tenants and staff to visitors — have placed a heightened importance of building health and wellness as a key factor in the gradual return to in-person work. Reducing risk and cost associated with occupant health issues while helping improve productivity, work environmental quality can also help improve employee and occupant performance and increase the value of a building and company while providing visibility into potential problems so they can be addressed early and with documented solutions. Through our partnership with StratusVue, we believe linking documents to products and plans creates a holistic view into a building’s DNA and is the next step in data-driven decision making as it relates to improving the built environment.”

About StratusVue  

StratusVue provides a leading integrated construction management platform that connects people with the information they need to succeed in construction and the built environment. StratusLink has been developed to help all users semantically understand unstructured data via advanced machine learning and intelligence tools.

About UL Solutions

A global leader in applied safety science, UL Solutions transforms safety, security and sustainability challenges into opportunities for customers in more than 100 countries. UL Solutions delivers testing, inspection and certification services, together with software products and advisory offerings, that support our customers’ product innovation and business growth. The UL Certification Marks serve as a recognized symbol of trust in our customers’ products and reflect an unwavering commitment to advancing our safety mission. We help our customers innovate, launch new products and services, navigate global markets and complex supply chains and grow sustainably and responsibly into the future. Our science is your advantage.

The UL Certification Marks serve as a recognized symbol of trust in our customers’ products and reflect an unwavering commitment to advancing our safety mission. We help our customers innovate, launch new products and services, navigate global markets and complex supply chains and grow sustainably and responsibly into the future. Our science is your advantage.

Headquartered in Boston, FUSE Group Extends the Technology Outlook of Their Future with StratusVue

FUSE Group - StratusVue Press ReleaseFUSE Group LLC chooses StratusVue to Improve Collaboration and Communication

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, June 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — StratusVue, a leading provider of construction management software, announced today that FUSE Group is using the StratusVue solution to improve communication and collaboration on its construction projects and implement real-time monitoring of its progress on job sites.

FUSE Group identifies as the foundation for the buildings that shape our landscape. Offering a broad array of construction services and the holding company for three entities of self-performing contractors which are FUSE Builds, FUSE Equip, and FUSE Specialty.

“After a comprehensive review and vetting process, we are extremely excited to announce FUSE has committed to StratusVue for our new project management and document management software solution. This powerful, cloud and mobile-based software will significantly increase our efficiency and our ability to collaborate. StratusVue, has deep construction roots – they understand our business and our field’s needs. The product also has deep and comprehensive integration with our ERP system, Sage 300 (Timberline). It is a web-based product that can be accessed via any browser as well as a fully FUSE branded mobile app available on the App Store.” said Alex Tsouvalas.

About FUSE Group
FUSE Group is the foundation for the buildings that shape our landscape. We’re a one-stop shop for a broad array of construction services by our self-performing contractors, including general requirements, equipment and supply, concrete, and special projects.

FUSE Builds is responsible for employing the carpenters, laborers, and contractors that specialize in everything from open construction sites and ground-up construction, to renovations in active laboratories and hospital spaces. StratusVue is a key component to their success as their responsibilities are highly tied to rapid responses to job site emergencies such as floods, demolitions and rebuilds which all require and rely upon infallible collaboration.

With a name synonymous with reliability, FUSE Equip is the resource that supplies and operates the tower cranes, hoists, and heavy equipment solutions that make construction possible. They are the workers that lift your projects and enhance our lives by raising the buildings that transform the skylines of the cities we all call home. The StratusVue solution increases the energy, harnesses the grit, and builds upon the experience of the entire FUSE team.

FUSE Specialty surpasses the strategic needs of their clients by providing expertise in specialized trades such as concrete and miscellaneous Division 10 related specialties. They have proven their ability to leverage their top-tier knowledge and time-tested skills to dig in and build your projects from start to finish. Digitizing their operations and production tracking processes with StratusVue allows them to confidently face every challenge they encounter and build your project with pride.

About StratusVue
To be competitive and successful in today’s construction industry, a firm must take advantage of a technology solution that is able to manage all the information the entire team of contractors, subcontractors, and specialists use to make decisions. With desktop, tablet, and mobile access, StratusVue’s cloud-based SaaS platform is that solution.

For construction projects, transparency is essential. It provides everyone involved with a live status report of the past, present, and future of the project. StratusVue is a collaborative solution that improves and enhances transparency by allowing everyone on the entire team to see what is happening on the entire project in real time – reducing risks, rework, and delays.

With true financial integrations, accountability is an absolute necessity. It holds individuals accountable for their project actions, and businesses for their team’s performance. The StratusVue transaction log provides 100% verification of all activity on the project, allowing each team to focus their attention on moving forward.

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Guest Speaker Event – May 18th, 2pm EST – Scheduling with the oracle from Oracle

Scheduling for Success with Guest Speaker, Mark Jenkins – Product Director – Oracle Construction and Engineering

Join StratusVue’s Brian Anson with subject matter expert Mark Jenkins, in their discussion about how to schedule for success within your projects and organization.  This is the second in a six part series focused on how to improve and elevate your business to the next level.

Do you know understand why others have succeeded and failed in tracking their Organizations performance through a schedule.  Find out where the industry is headed and the fundamentals that you need to know.

Schedule us into your life, whether you are new or established, because knowing why you are successful or not is fundamental.

Registration is now open! Event – May 18th – 2pm EST

StratusVue Field Ops App in IOS and Android

The StratusVue mobile app allows you to stay interactive with your team by managing your project documents in a simple manner wherever you are! Mobile apps have become more useful with construction firm owners. Business apps allow more accessibility business owners which makes organization easier. The StratusVue mobile app allows interconnectivity with your team and keeps your documents organized wherever you are.

Switching to mobile apps allows for more efficiency. Mobile Apps allow for more accuracy.The StratusVue app can be found in the Apple App store and the Google play store. You can also scan with your devices a QR code that is available on the StratusVue login page that will take you directly to the app store.

Our app allows accessibility of functions such as Daily Reports, RIFs, Punch Lists, Open Issues, Meetings and Minutes, Construction Plans and Photos regardless of where you are. Moving away from the manual process of paper reliance is one way us at StratusVue are working to get better, and faster results for your proposal.

StratusVue March Madness

Here at StratusVue, March madness means something different than what might first come to mind.  Think less sports and more competition, maybe we should call it March Marketing; no matter what we call it, we have an internal challenge, “tournament ” if you will, to generate new customers and excite our existing base.

We’re kicking off March madness by bringing on a Construction Marketing powerhouse, Tyler Riddell with Peritus Marketing.  On March 9th, we are going to have an information packed discussion about how to be successful in marketing within construction.  To prep before go time, read this article by the Construction Marketing Association, about some simple steps you can take to stay ahead of the game.

We look forward to seeing you there and don’t miss you shot to join in on the learning.

Press Release: StratusVue and Sage Extend Partnership

CHICAGO, IL, USA, December 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — We’re excited to announce that StratusVue and Sage have extended our partnership to strengthen the value of the current Sage 100 and 300 CRE integration and include a complete Job Cost integration to the Sage Intacct for Construction platform.

This partnership will improve the lives of all construction stakeholders who rely on collaboration and integration between the office and the field. With hundreds of customers already benefiting from the advanced integration, we have an opportunity now to deliver one of the best integrated solutions available in the built environment.

“Connecting the office to the field is critical to collaboration and compressing your schedule while reducing risk. Extending our partnership offers a deeper understanding of the needs presented both internally and externally to project teams.” said John Goecke, President of StratusVue

“We’re excited to extend our relationship with StratusVue and believe that combining our efforts to offer additional choices to the construction industry will enable us to provide a better experience for all of our customers,” said Dustin Stephens, Vice President at Sage Construction & Real Estate.

Guest Speaker Series: Wyatt Marks

Join us on September 23 at 12:00 p.m. EST for our next Guest Speaker Series. It’s our honor to welcome our newest guest, Wyatt Marks. Marks is the Corporate Fabrication Director of Nassal. He will be discussing the process of integrating software solutions and maintaining efficiency.

About Nassal

Located in Orlando, FL and Los Angeles, CA., Nassal is a scenic fabricator for themed environments, specializing in theme parks, resorts, sports venues, zoos & aquariums.

“We enjoy partnerships with some of the most innovative, creative, and energetic people in the world. While incredibly diverse, our clients are more than colleagues or friends; they’re family. Together we challenge each other, help each other grow, and we celebrate the work we create. We build lasting relationships with our clients by relentlessly doing what’s right while having fun along the way.”

“We’re passionate about what we do. Not only are our projects incredibly diverse, but they’re fun, challenging, and interesting. Our talented team loves the opportunity to be creative and devise solutions that meet your vision. We work hard, but we play hard too, and it’s contagious. Though we’ve won numerous awards and been involved in some of the most iconic projects around, we’re here, and our people are here because of the amazing culture they’ve created.”

Learn more here.

About Wyatt Marks

“With over 15 years of building and construction management experience, Wyatt’s role as Corporate Fabrication Director focuses on the alignment of Nassal’s Orlando and Los Angeles fabrication facilities to utilize the same systems and processes. With the ability to have visibility of workloads on each coast and plan the work accordingly, Wyatt works collaboratively with each Facility’s Fabrication Director to understand the capacity, capabilities, and overall schedule of each Shop.  This allows Nassal to utilize both facilities to deliver projects, and place the work in the facility that best aligns with the capabilities of the Shop, and overall capacity to ensure projects are always delivered on time, on budget, and of the highest quality finish.”

Read more here.

This is an event you don’t want to miss! Be sure to register today!

How to Re-Discover Passion for your Work

Are you feeling stuck in a rut? You may want to ask yourself this: What have you done for the world today? If your answer is nothing, it might be time to start thinking of how to change that. Focusing on something outside yourself will help you improve in all facets of your life.

Here’s How to Start

  1. What do you connect with? 

It’s important to choose something that you feel passionate about. That is how you are going to get the most out of your involvement with the cause. Here are some causes to think about: Climate Change, Animal Rights, Homelessness, LGBTQ+ Equality, Racial Injustice, Mental Health Advocacy, Women’s Rights, etc.

  1. Start Local

You might be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. Here’s your answer: your community. You would be surprised to learn how many community members there are that are dedicated to your social cause. Showing up in person to work with like-minded individuals is incredibly rewarding.

  1. Get Involved with a Group

Joining an organization is a perfect place to watch your passion flourish. There are tons of groups across the globe that are working towards one common goal. It is easy to find a place to get involved online. A quick google search is all you need!

  1. Connect this New Passion to your Work

By stepping outside of yourself, you may now find that you have a new sense of perspective. Things may seem to make more sense or feel more rewarding. When you make a positive difference in the world, you may find that the universe returns that energy into your life. Use that newfound passion in other places of your life: friends, hobbies, work, etc.

  1. Voila! You’re now exuding passion into your work!

Passion creates passionate employees and, like anything else, when there is a purpose there are results.