The most straightforward explanation of zero-day in 10 seconds!

👉 The most straightforward explanation of zero-day in 10 seconds!

John Goecke talks with Indusface about complex security terms & relates them to real business problems in a matter of moments on the latest #SaaSTrana Show 🎙️.

He is the founder of StratusVue and discusses with Venkatesh (Venky) how everything changed for them after a #ransomware attack ⚠️ in 2018.

He also shares how the construction industry 🏗️ is a soft target for hackers as there is no regulatory oversight, unlike in banking and healthcare. And security is always an afterthought for business owners.

His practical learnings from unexpected ransomware attacks on his business are wise words of wisdom for anyone in SaaS! 💡

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Guest Speaker Event – May 18th, 2pm EST – Scheduling with the oracle from Oracle

Scheduling for Success with Guest Speaker, Mark Jenkins – Product Director – Oracle Construction and Engineering

Join StratusVue’s Brian Anson with subject matter expert Mark Jenkins, in their discussion about how to schedule for success within your projects and organization.  This is the second in a six part series focused on how to improve and elevate your business to the next level.

Do you know understand why others have succeeded and failed in tracking their Organizations performance through a schedule.  Find out where the industry is headed and the fundamentals that you need to know.

Schedule us into your life, whether you are new or established, because knowing why you are successful or not is fundamental.

Registration is now open! Event – May 18th – 2pm EST

StratusVue March Madness

Here at StratusVue, March madness means something different than what might first come to mind.  Think less sports and more competition, maybe we should call it March Marketing; no matter what we call it, we have an internal challenge, “tournament ” if you will, to generate new customers and excite our existing base.

We’re kicking off March madness by bringing on a Construction Marketing powerhouse, Tyler Riddell with Peritus Marketing.  On March 9th, we are going to have an information packed discussion about how to be successful in marketing within construction.  To prep before go time, read this article by the Construction Marketing Association, about some simple steps you can take to stay ahead of the game.

We look forward to seeing you there and don’t miss you shot to join in on the learning.