A Look Back at StratusVue’s 2020 Highlights

“What a ride 2020 has been! While it may have turned out different than expected, we made it through together. We are entering 2021 full of energy and feeling optimistic.” – John Goecke, President.

We are almost a week into 2021 and everyone here at StratusVue is feeling determined to continue to provide our clients with the best possible version of our software.

Here is a look at some 2020 year-end highlights and a preview of what is coming in the new year!

2020 In Review by Numbers
20 million new items created
Averaged 43,000 newly created items per day
10 million drawings uploaded

Client Base
100 % year to date client retention
158 % increase in activity

Production Releases Driven by User Feedback
10 Production Releases (More in-depth information here)
58 user feature requests added

Look Ahead – 2021 Road Map
StratusDrive official release
BidVue rollout of new interface, a new look and more function to bid management
PowerBI reporting integrations, organization reporting with interactive filters
Time Tracking, at the project level more detailed time tracking
Live web-based Learning Events

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