5 Helpful Tips for New StratusVue Users

Deciding to utilize Construction Management software is a big step. But taking the leap will increase your company’s efficiency as well as save you time and money. A painless implementation process and a user-first experience are vital to successful adoption and usage of your new software. At StratusVue, we want to make it as easy as possible to make the transition.

You’ll hear the word ‘process’ a lot in this blog. That’s the best thing about new software, it will create and maintain a process. The following five items will ultimately make the use of StratusVue seamless and successful.

Know Your Goals
A trouble-free and straightforward process is one of the main goals of every software. Therefore, it’s important to map out what processes to maintain, improve, and eliminate. That way, you’ll be able to use StratusVue to your full advantage.

Evaluate Your Strategy
With StratusVue, it is easy to delegate tasks to create additional savings. For example, assign an employee to focus specifically on document control. This creates consistency in the way projects are set up, run, and organized. All of your information becomes centralized and simplified.
Operating Procedures
Even though you may already have a successful process in place, it’s worth one more review. You might find areas to improve cost management. Look at how certain cost events are written as well as how far they go until additional approval is required. Also, consider how and when information is stored and if it’s beneficial. Cost Management is important; so providing our team with a good outline will ensure success.
Workflows and Approvals
To make the setup process simple, map out your current workflows and approvals of RFIs and submittals. Also, review cost events both internally and externally. Your internal checks and balances process will improve by utilizing a formal workflow.
Assign Tasks
The last thing is pretty simple but just as valuable. Make sure to decide who does what. It sounds obvious but when you break down who is performing what data entry on a project it will prove fruitful. Take a day and evaluate your projects to make sure that the team knows who is doing what.

Change is never easy.  Different things work for different people so having an unorganized system leads to inconsistency and frustration. So remember: StratusVue will help take your team to the next level in achieving one common goal. We are here to enable you to achieve great things!

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