5 Benefits of Switching to StratusVue

Here at StratusVue, we offer the best software on the market for construction management. Our product covers the full spectrum of functionality with Cost Management, Project Management, and Invitation to Bid.

Today we are talking about how StratusVue improves Document Control.

Document control is essential for collaboration but it can be time-consuming. For instance, you’ll usually need to edit, revise, link, and distribute drawings or file documents. That’ll take up more time than you think.

But imagine an automated way to streamline each of those tasks all in one central hub. Well, we did the dreaming for you and now you get to reap the benefits.

StratusDrive and StratusLink guarantee improvement to your management system and here’s how:

Everything is in One Place

Having a central location that holds everything involved in the project eliminates the task of searching through different locations to find what you need.

Ability to Markup, Measure and Distribute

Being able to mark-up your documents and keep your construction set clean is important. We provide mark-up, measuring, and distributing without needing an outside license to read or edit PDFs, 2d/3d models, and images.

Provides Flexibility

If you change your sets, our software makes it easy to create the next iteration. If you want to distribute single sheets or bound sets we handle the transition. A task that typically takes hours can now be done in minutes due to automated linking.

Automated Linking

It’s important to make sure collaboration is as seamless as possible. Our ‘check out’ and ‘lock out’ feature allow changes to be made in a document while others are still using the file. Once you close your updates, each team member immediately has access to the most recent version.

Complete Automation

With StratusDrive and StratusLink you don’t need to find connections, create zones for linking or do your work offline because it’s all done automatically. But don’t worry, we give you the opportunity to proof it and make necessary edits before pushing it to your team.

Interested in seeing how it works? Register for our live learning event on August 21 for a demonstration on how our software operates.