Adopting A Project Management Software During a Downturn

Adopting or changing software during unprecedented times may seem like an insurmountable challenge. StratusVue sees the current climate as an opportunity to implement time-saving technologies.  Some normalcy is returning to the construction and real-estate industries and StratusVue can help make the return more profitable.

In the past, meetings to discuss new company processes are done in person. Today, ‘Lunch and Learns’ are held virtually in your kitchen with distance between us. StratusVue can bring your project teams together to learn in multiple methods that still enable the social experience. Additionally, we help your internal efforts through learning management solutions.

Learning management takes on new levels of engagement that focus on what your team needs. We help establish and implement on-demand knowledge and video learning along with scheduled huddles via remote sessions.

Contact StratusVue today to see how the emerging Artificial Intelligence trends will help shape your future efforts. To schedule a time for review, email to schedule a review on how our tools can save time and money, the two most important pieces of todays construction and built world.

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