Artificial Intelligence in the Construction Industry

We have all witnessed the rapid evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) and what it can bring to our world.

But what exactly is AI? What is Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence in its simplest terms is a form of computer science that focuses on building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

The creation of AI starts with machine learning. Machine learning is a subcategory of AI that creates the ability for systems to learn and optimize processes without having to be specifically coded to do so. Basically, it allows the machine to gain the intelligence to work on its own.

How is Artificial Intelligence Used in Construction?

Imagine feeding new buildout project information to AI and having the price and schedule of that project almost immediately. That is our future as an industry.

Once the desired results are set, peripheral data is run through AI to quickly gather the information needed.

Here is an example: The set goal for AI in this situation is to find referenced specifications, embedded schedules, and callouts. To do this, each sheet is mined for content. and cross-referenced with another set of plans.

As soon as we have the desired result, additional construction documents are fed through AI to continue the data mining. This is why it is important to save your historical data.

AI Also Has the Ability to Troubleshoot

While data mining, AI can detect if a sheet index is rotated to a portrait format rather than a landscape. Once detected, AI converts the text, associates the index, and links correctly. AI then asks the user to confirm the correction. Upon confirmation, AI’s settings adjust to recognize that specific solution in the future. Lastly, the sheet is converted to the intended view.

AI presents the opportunity to semantically understand structured and unstructured data. At StratusVue, AI notifies users which sheets are missed, doubled up, or associated. This eliminates the need for a project manager, professional engineer, or admin to find the issue manually.

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