Leverage Your Construction Data with StratusVue

Mid-Market construction companies have a lot of opportunities to leverage data today in ways that were previously unavailable. We see the opportunity of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence making meaningful impacts today and more on the horizon. Whether you use a combination of CRM and an ERP with an occasional schedule or control your projects with Excel®, making the effort now to aggregate that data will help in unforeseen ways both today and very soon.

It’s Time to Leverage Your Data

The opportunity is now. Having observed many firms trying to leverage their data using a BI tool, such as PowerBI®, Tableau®, or any of the business intelligence tools available in the marketplace, it confirms what we all suspect. Data is the new oil. Having a strategy in place for storing your data is important for your future. Having as much historical data to interpret will help make better decisions

Level The Playing Field

Over the last month, we have seen the release of “Cortex 365” by Eos Group as a view into the future of managing data as a service. Cortex is a project history solution that enables siloed data to be managed and viewed via intelligence; giving you an immediate perspective on trends, benchmarks, and predictive analytics. In our previous posts, we discuss how mid-market construction firms can leverage these tools Afor the first time. This offers insights that are usually reserved for the largest of firms.

At StratusVue, we work with the project stakeholders to ensure that both the current project data and the historical data of your projects is consumable in a simple and meaningful way to benefit both internal and external users.