How StratusVue Can Help Mid-Market Construction Companies

Data-driven decision making (or DDDM) is the process of making organizational decisions based on actual data rather than intuition or observation alone. Many mid-market companies usually don’t have the resources to accomplish decent data-driven results.

StratusVue enables your teams to consume all project data;

whether you use PowerBI®, DOMO®, Tableau® or homegrown reports. Data-driven decisions are the natural extension of the “Big Data” concept. Big Data’s roots are in the ability to connect data sources that were previously a silo and relating the information.

Improve the Way You Price a Job

Your ERP has a cost that associates to actual pricing. Connect that to your estimating and now you can compare ‘estimated’ versus ‘actual’ when you are pricing out a job for accuracy. Take that newly blended view and tie in a schedule that allows you to see if pricing is affected by staging and logistics. Those silos of structured data can now blend into a unified view for better decision making throughout your project.

Elevate Your Cost-To-Complete and Forecasting

During your monthly review of projected costs, you can spend hours going through each estimate item and PCI/PCO to identify what you expect to happen. When using a data-driven decision process, a PX can quickly bring up items automatically. This eliminates the amount of time needed to manually search.

This is a relatively new option for mid-market construction companies. StratusVue can enable your team and their abilities to leverage better data.

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