Guest Speaker Series: Wyatt Marks

Join us on September 23 at 12:00 p.m. EST for our next Guest Speaker Series. It’s our honor to welcome our newest guest, Wyatt Marks. Marks is the Corporate Fabrication Director of Nassal. He will be discussing the process of integrating software solutions and maintaining efficiency.

About Nassal

Located in Orlando, FL and Los Angeles, CA., Nassal is a scenic fabricator for themed environments, specializing in theme parks, resorts, sports venues, zoos & aquariums.

“We enjoy partnerships with some of the most innovative, creative, and energetic people in the world. While incredibly diverse, our clients are more than colleagues or friends; they’re family. Together we challenge each other, help each other grow, and we celebrate the work we create. We build lasting relationships with our clients by relentlessly doing what’s right while having fun along the way.”

“We’re passionate about what we do. Not only are our projects incredibly diverse, but they’re fun, challenging, and interesting. Our talented team loves the opportunity to be creative and devise solutions that meet your vision. We work hard, but we play hard too, and it’s contagious. Though we’ve won numerous awards and been involved in some of the most iconic projects around, we’re here, and our people are here because of the amazing culture they’ve created.”

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About Wyatt Marks

“With over 15 years of building and construction management experience, Wyatt’s role as Corporate Fabrication Director focuses on the alignment of Nassal’s Orlando and Los Angeles fabrication facilities to utilize the same systems and processes. With the ability to have visibility of workloads on each coast and plan the work accordingly, Wyatt works collaboratively with each Facility’s Fabrication Director to understand the capacity, capabilities, and overall schedule of each Shop.  This allows Nassal to utilize both facilities to deliver projects, and place the work in the facility that best aligns with the capabilities of the Shop, and overall capacity to ensure projects are always delivered on time, on budget, and of the highest quality finish.”

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