How to Re-Discover Passion for your Work

Are you feeling stuck in a rut? You may want to ask yourself this: What have you done for the world today? If your answer is nothing, it might be time to start thinking of how to change that. Focusing on something outside yourself will help you improve in all facets of your life.

Here’s How to Start

  1. What do you connect with? 

It’s important to choose something that you feel passionate about. That is how you are going to get the most out of your involvement with the cause. Here are some causes to think about: Climate Change, Animal Rights, Homelessness, LGBTQ+ Equality, Racial Injustice, Mental Health Advocacy, Women’s Rights, etc.

  1. Start Local

You might be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. Here’s your answer: your community. You would be surprised to learn how many community members there are that are dedicated to your social cause. Showing up in person to work with like-minded individuals is incredibly rewarding.

  1. Get Involved with a Group

Joining an organization is a perfect place to watch your passion flourish. There are tons of groups across the globe that are working towards one common goal. It is easy to find a place to get involved online. A quick google search is all you need!

  1. Connect this New Passion to your Work

By stepping outside of yourself, you may now find that you have a new sense of perspective. Things may seem to make more sense or feel more rewarding. When you make a positive difference in the world, you may find that the universe returns that energy into your life. Use that newfound passion in other places of your life: friends, hobbies, work, etc.

  1. Voila! You’re now exuding passion into your work!

Passion creates passionate employees and, like anything else, when there is a purpose there are results.